Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Kumera - Kiwicakes advent calendar - day 2

On the second day of Christmas My true love gave to me two kumera ........

My Kumera are inspired by a sweet treat I used to make with my great aunt Margaret when I was a small child. She used to give us marzipan or almond paste and let us roll it in cocoa to make "potatoes", my older brother & I thought we were awfully clever, as they did in fact look like "potatoes". My great aunt lived in Turangi, so it was usually on a Christmas school holiday visit that we made these.

Today I've used almond paste (I wanted the golden yellow hue and actually added a little extra yellow colour). Cocoa whilst right for potatoes, didn't cut the mustard for kumera, so I've used rainbow dust matte dusting powder in aubergine. The only things I used to model these was my hands, and 1 bamboo skewer. No matter how ugly you make these kumera, they still look good.

NB: I went for the spelling Kumera, not Kumara, as favoured by the author Kingi Ihaka.

For my overseas readers

A kumara or kumera is a sweet potato

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