Thursday, March 25, 2010

Debbie Brown is coming to Auckland June 2010

Following on From Debbie Brown's successful 2009 nationwide tour. I am pleased to say she is coming to New Zealand again June 11, 12 & 13. Unfortunately for some, she is only coming to Auckland. She will be holding 3 separate workshops of the three days. I am over the moon to be attending 2 of the 3 workshops. Workshops numbers are limites, so don't delay!. I attended Debbies Whangarei workshop in 2009 and it far exceeded my expectations - you'll not be disappointed.

Time: 10am – 5pm
Cost: $275 per person per workshop

11th June Subject: Bride and Groom in Wedding Car
12th June Subject: Funky Fairy
13th June Subject: Sea Palace

Deposit of $50 payable by 14th April 2010
Balance due by 29th May 2010

Payment to Jane Sparnon, P O Box 288, Kumeu 0841, Auckland ph (09) 412 7169 or
Once you have booked your place on a workshop then you will receive the requirements list.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Airbrushing tips from Wilton

Wilton have just added this blog post, with how to video - on airbrushing. It is quite basic, but still will anser a lot of questions, many beginners have about airbrushing. Click here to go to Wilton's post.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hikurangi School has the best kids!

I had the pleasure of taking my daughters year 3 & 4 class for cookie decorating a week or so back. Prior to arriving I was just quietly terrified, I've never thought of myself as teacher material. They were so well behaved, the class is a credit to their teacher Miss Caroline Trevillian or "Miss T" as she is known.
When I offered Miss T the chance to do this with her class, she suggested gingerbread men, as the class is currently working on self portraits and lots of activities surrounding this theme. I baked each child a gingerbread boy & girl, so they could make themselves and one of someone they loved. Their work was amazing. I even learnt a wee tip from a young girl named Trinity - the way she applied her fondant hair to her cookie was something I am going to have to use in future. Miss T even managed to take a photo of every child with their finished cookies.

They surprised me the next day with a handmade card from every child. Each card had their photo with their finished cookie. According to my daughter Poppy the cards took all afternoon. It certainly looks like a lot of effort went in to them. It was funny what each child told me they liked about doing the cookie decorating. I got "you must be the best Mum in the whole world" (Poppy might disagree with that) and many other superlatives. I adore my cards and think I will hang on to them forever.

We even made the school newsletter.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chablon mats in use

Today I received this photo from Rachel at I was thrilled to see how she made use of the chablon mat for creating round circular discs of chocolate to top her cupcakes. Rachel is based in Auckland and runs a cake & cupcake decorating business there. She also has a great blog

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chocolate transfers on fondant

I received these wonderful photos from Kiwicakes member Rachel Pilcher. She tells me it is her first attempt at a wedding cake. I was thrilled to receive these photos, Rachel did a great job. The middle tier has a chocolate transfer applies to the fondant. Rachel tells me, she iced the middle tier, then placed the chocolate transfer directly on top, covered with a layer of baking paper and then with a very cool iron, ironed the fondant. Taking care not to leave the iron in one place for too long. This is a technique I have been meaning to try for quite some time myself - I even had my eye on the same transfer. Thanks for sending this in Rachel!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I have the best job in the world!

Especially when wonderful customers such as Lisa from Denheath Desserts surprise me with a wonderful box of goodies like these. There are so many scrummy things in this box, I hardly know where to start, 2 delectable custard squares, a wonderful SQUARE chocolate eclair HOW DID THEY DO THAT? asstd cheescakes, oh my oh my I am in heaven. Currently I have scoffed 1 custard square and taste tested the square chocolate eclair (which Grandma Kiwicakes polished off) as well as the triple chocolate cheescake. Not bad for a mornings work. Roll on lunchtime and afternoon tea.
Now wouldn't you like to open a box and find this wee gem inside?

The wonderful carton fits perfectly inside it's polystyrene mini chilli bin - it has been incredibly well thought out, the box when opened folds flat, to allow for easy removal of the tasty goodies.
Such a cute little ice pack and it's partially frozen, even after it's long trip from Timaru.

I am already planning just who I can send one of these wonderful collections too. Rest assured they taste GREAT and the reliable overnight courier service, that ensures your gift arrives in immaculate condition means you can rest easy. Go on get some today!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Free gifts are here to stay!

An exciting new feature just added to the Kiwicakes website today FREE GIFTS with purchase. I'll change these regularly, I'm super excited about this snazzy new feature on the Kiwicakes website.

It's easy, simply do your shopping on the Kiwicakes website, spend $40 and select free candles (where possible themed to match your order). Spend $50, choose from an edible image at less than 50% of retail, or a SURPRISE free gift. Spend $60 receive a free cookie cutter.

The free gifts are easy to find - at the right hand top corner of the product catalog at all times.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The newest friend to join Kiwicakes

I was thrilled today to see the prototype of some Pukeko cookier cutters I comissioned arrive. Handmade right here in NZ, I'm pretty proud of what I've achieved. Priced at $12, I think that's a pretty good deal for a handmade cutter. Here's an example of how you can ice the finished cookies.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great fun was had by all!

I wanted to share with you all, this cake I completed - from a weekend course at Millys in Parnell with the wonderful Kirsten (our tutor). I have made many many cakes in my time, but I freely admit, I have never really piped flowers and I was keen to learn how to do it properly. The flowers are made in Royal icing, the cake is buttercream. The blue butterfly is there for my daughter Poppy (her favourite colour is blue), whilst it doesn't match the cake AT ALL - it was made solely for her (she is only 6).

I learnt some great tips from Kirsten, things I hadn't ever had to worry about, or didn't think about too much before. I wanted to share some of them with you
1. Royal icing is affected by grease, if you have piped royal icing flowers using tips or bags that have grease from buttercream in them OR, you place in a plastic container (plastic is porous and can absorb grease) that has had greasy things in it - this can cause your flowers to wilt & go mushy - meaning when you try to pick them up they squash.
2. The problem described above is actually a bonus when placing on a cake, as you can see from my photo, the flowers are placed on a buttercream cake (which survived a trip back from Auckland just fine), yet they absorb the grease from the buttercream, meaning when you go to cut the cake they are soft and can be cut right through with a knife and are easy to eat.
3. This next tip is nothing to do with the cake in question, but I learnt it this weekend - if you want to mix neon orange icing, use orange food colouring with lemon yellow, it will really make your colour pop.
4. As I haven't done a lot of royal icing work, beyond cornelli on fondant and using royal icing to glue components of a cake together. (i.e - I use it to do the work and then toss out the remaining icing), I was surprised to see royal icing that has been left to sit covered for an afternoon, takes on a marshamallow texture, and needs to be remixed, to be able to use it.
5. I love working with Wilton's colourflow mix, flooding cookies is SO MUCH EASIER than I thought it was.
My good friend Lisa often jokes, I started Kiwicakes, becasue I couldn't find enough of the tools & equipment I wanted to indulge my hobby in NZ and now looking after Kiwicakes I haven't enough time for my hobby - so it was great to get some hands on time actually making cakes, instead of just talking about them in theory and sharing a fun weekend with like minded people.

The Wait is over!

The Wait is over. The secret March 1 release of Rainbow Dust is.................................... edible food marker pens. But not just any old pens. These are superior to any pen I have ever tried. Rainbow Dust edible food marker pens are 100% edible. Never use an 00 or 000 brush again. Double ended pen. 2 thickness nibs. Use the standard 2.5mm nib for regular cake decorating work and the 0.5mm nib when extra fine work is required. Priced at 9.95 each
Quick drying ink, Kosher. Suitable for vegetarians. GM free.

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