Thursday, December 20, 2012

SPCA Cupcake day 2012 update

This week I received a lovely Christmas card from the SPCA - with a lovely cheeky message from the cat & dog. I was thrilled to see the SPCA raised $267, 993 from cupcake cooks nationwide. Kiwicake's is the SPCA's largest Cake suppliers sponsor. I proudly supply prizes for all categories in the competitions the SPCA run. I also work with the SPCA throughout the year, on other projects for which we supply prizes.

For 2013 we have some great things planned around SPCA Cupcake Day. Here in Whangarei and nationally in conjunction with SPCA. I'll update you more on that in 2013.

New classes listed for 2013

We've posted our new class list for 2013. Click on the classes tab above, under the blog banner to see full details & costing. A new initiative starting January 2013 will be Thursday afternoon classes from 12.30-2.30pm. This will allow any needing to get kids from school time to be at the school gate by 3pm. These Thursday afternoon classes will cost $25 per person and will include everything required to do the class. So you just need to turn up with a container to take your project home in. If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to learn on Thursday afternoons, just let me know.

There also details of a full weekend course, with a Wilton qualified instructor for fondant and gumpaste cakes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Second Operation Scholarship cake

This lovely cake made for Brad (who is a twin) was the second cake Kiwicakes granted a supplies scholarship for. Stephanie Kavanagh from Kavanagh Cakes I included the baseball candles, as a little surprise for stephanie, I love how she put one on a wire and has the figures looking at it in flight. 

Bradley (on right of pic) is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. The wonderful Stephanie (in the middle) from Kavanagh Cakes made this awesome softball themed cake for Brad to share with his twin brother Adam (on the left) on their 14th birthday!

I love some of the special details Stephanie did, such as the red stitching on the lettering

I think Stephanie made an amazing cake, if you'd like to know more about Operation Sugar and the Kiwicake's scholarships for cake supplies, click on the tab above in this blog

Our first Operation Sugar Scholarship cake

This gorgeous cake was made by Rebecca in Matamata for Kaiya who was turning 5. Beautiful Kaiya has had to cope with cystic fibrosis, diabetes & distal intestinal obstruction syndrome. However, as you can see by this picture that hasn’t dampened her infectious smile!

Rebecca was the first person to receive an Operation Sugar scholarship cake supplies grant from Kiwicakes. I think she did a great job. For more info on Operation Sugar scholarships, click on the Operation Sugar tab above in this blog.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas at Kiwicakes - by Grandma Kiwicakes

CHRISTMAS @ KIWICAKES - Blog post by Grandma Kiwicakes

 Its that time of year again how it does sneak up when you are not looking?.  Cake conference is over and now all our  xmas goodies are arriving . It's quite exciting when it all arrives after ordering it so long ago.  Some things have been in short supply and we don't have our full quota so if you see something you like be sure to order early. 

My Favourite Items this year are reindeer items we have  a lovely cupcake stand of a sleigh  and stencils

Cupcake picks and cupcake papers too numerous to list

Red and white and candy canes feature strongly as well as our xmas selection we have many red and white striped and star items in our ordinary catalogue

Cupcake stands and sprinkles 

For the more traditional we have some great Nordicware including this Poinsettia Bundt pan

If you are going to do some crafting with the kids we have plenty of pre baked kits great to make when school ends before xmas . 

We have gingerbread kits and also the ever popular cookie tree kit and sugar decorations of all types

cupcake and cake stencils

chocolate moulds of all types

some lovely cupcake cases and wrappers

Cookie cutter and Stencil sets

Dozens  of cutters and plunger cutters I think this set would be great with the Grandchildren.

And to finish off don't forget the packaging lots of bags in all patterns. I find the Tray bags particularly useful to put round a plate or tray for xmas lunches.

 Click on this link to see our full quota of Christmas goodies  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today I am 37 years old

Today I am 37 years old - this wonderful cake was made for me, by my friend Lisa. I love my cowboy boots. And since dislocating my knee just over a month ago, I have been able to wear them. The detail ont he fondant boots is amazing. Oh and just so you know, this cake is big!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Best ever! - Dairy free and egg free chocolate cake

Today one of my staff members Karina came to work with the following recipe for a customer. Not only that she'd gone one step further and made a batch for us to try. Now I'd heard about this cake a lot as Karina makes it for one of her nephews with allergies. But I never knew it tastes SO GREAT! So I'm thrilled to be sharing the recipe with you today. 

It is rich and dark and oh so moist!

185g Flour
3T Cocoa
250g Sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
15ml white vinegar
90ml oil
250ml water
1tsp vanilla essence

Pre heat oven to 180C. Combine dry ingredients in bowl. Combine liquid ingredients. Add liquid to dry ingredients and stir quickly. Bake 40 minutes. Cool 10 mins and turn out of pan. (serves 7 - can be doubled)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween at Kiwicakes - written by Grandma Kiwicakes

I have been quite excited with all the new Halloween items. As a small child growing up in Scotland, it was an exciting time at a dismal time of year. We carved turnips to make Jack of Lanterns, bobbed for apples, went trick or treating, had toffee apples a rare treat in postwar Britain with the scarcity of sugar, a great time was had by all.

At Kiwicakes we have some great ideas for making in the holidays with the kids.

A pre baked Halloween cookie pops Kit

Two great cake pans , these are the heavy dimensions pan, the skull (only available at this time of year then its another year before we can get more ) limited numbers available.

Also from the same maker this amazing skeleton in a coffin also limited numbers

For the cupcake makers we have these lovely skeleton cupcake wraps

and a  dark cupcake stand to stand them on


Bone pans also useful for the dog lover after Halloween as are these bone sprinkles

Green and black licorice laces also green and black candy melts

Heaps of Halloween chocolate moulds 3 D Rats, skulls, coffins bats and much much more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chocolate modelling paste from Chocolate Earth

Today I want to take some time to tell you just how great the chocolate modelling paste we have in stock is. I've had some questions about how it is used and whether it is any good (some customers have had bad experiences with other brands)

I can tell you our chocolate modelling paste is AWESOME! It is created by Kevin from Chocolate Earth. Kevin is one of NZ's top decorators. He creates this paste at his Brown's Bay store, it is sold exclusively at Kiwicakes and at his store Chocolate Earth.

Kevin has given permission for me to show you just how great his cakes are, and some of the things he uses it for. If you'd like to see more Kevin's awesome cakes, you can follow him on facebook here

This Zombie cake was amazing, I watched the photos slowly arrive over a couple of days, as the cake progressed.

Photo above and below prior to colouring.

Kevin also uses chocolate modelling paste in his Cricut Cake machine

The elephants on this cake in chocolate modelling paste are exquisite.

You can purchase your chocolate modelling paste here there are 150gr single colour packs, or 600g rainbow packs. Watch Kevin's facebook page, if you're in Auckland, he will be running some modelling chocolate classes before Xmas this year.

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