Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fun cupcake decorating parties at Kiwicakes

Over the weekend it was lovely to have this lovely bunch of ladies celebrating Jeanine's bridal shower. They organised a private cupcake decorating party here at Kiwicakes in Whangarei. As it was a bridal shower we did wedding themed cupcakes. Jeanine is a cake decorator, hence the cupcake headband she was made to wear by the maid of honour.
If you'd like to organise a private cupcake decorating party, feel free to contact me at Kiwicakes.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My adventure at a Parisian market

Prior to arriving in Paris, I'd had my heart set on attending the Paris flea markets over the weekend. But as you'll know from my earlier Paris posts, we arrived in Paris on the day of the terror attacks (Nov 13 2015) and many public events such as the markets were closed, so for the weekend we were in Paris I missed out on them. However all was not lost, we had a fabulous time. And the photos from the small market we did attend (Thursday 19th November) bring back some pretty happy memories. Marche Bastille is open Thursdays and Sundays. It stretches between the Bastille and Richard Lenoir metro stations. The metro will pop you out right in the middle of the market. (7am-2.30pm)

I just love art nouveau and snapped the photo of this patisserie en route from our apartment in the Marais. It was just a short walk - but still dark at 7.30am. It was incredibly painful walking around the markets knowing I couldn't buy it all and take it home, as we were leaving the next day.

Apple juices of every variety

Seafood abounded

Even the chickens had me wanting one for dinner

Mushrooms galore

It was a little quiet when we first arrived but soon got much busier.

Every vege stall had lovely presentation

It was a little too early for wine tasting at 8am, but the price had me impressed

I was in pain, knowing I couldn't have fresh pasta to go home - I love pasta!

Everywhere we looked was amazing deli selections

Meats & cheeses

Salads & salts (I did bring some pretty great salt home to NZ)

Eggs galore!

Looking out of one end of the market to the traffic

More wonderful chickens

Deli meats and yet more pasta

This seller had a wide variety of mushrooms

Yet more seafood

Even flowers!

And more of my favourite CHEESE!

Sweeties anyone?

Fast food for breakfast was chorizo sausage galette and freshly squeezed orange juice. No processed food in sight.

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