Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kiwicakes blog mentioned in NZ House and Garden Magazine December 2016

It's great to know all of the time spent preparing blog posts is worth it. When something like this happens!. Kiwicakes blog got a mention in Small Bites by Sally Butters in the Christmas issue of NZ House & Garden magazine for our Chocolate transfers tutorial.

Here's a link to the tutorial Sally Mentions (shown above)

Here's a link to a tutorial using chocolate transfers with strawberries - I find these perfect for the CHristmas dessert table, as they're a light alternative when you're feeling full, yet still fulfill my sweet requirement whilst looking amazing.

Here's a link to a tutorial for those wanting to put chocolate transfers on moulded chocolate shapes

And last but not least here's a link to a tutorial showing how you can make shapes using a chablon mat and chocolate transfers

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