Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas at Kiwicakes - by Grandma Kiwicakes

CHRISTMAS @ KIWICAKES - Blog post by Grandma Kiwicakes

 Its that time of year again how it does sneak up when you are not looking?.  Cake conference is over and now all our  xmas goodies are arriving . It's quite exciting when it all arrives after ordering it so long ago.  Some things have been in short supply and we don't have our full quota so if you see something you like be sure to order early. 

My Favourite Items this year are reindeer items we have  a lovely cupcake stand of a sleigh  and stencils

Cupcake picks and cupcake papers too numerous to list

Red and white and candy canes feature strongly as well as our xmas selection we have many red and white striped and star items in our ordinary catalogue

Cupcake stands and sprinkles 

For the more traditional we have some great Nordicware including this Poinsettia Bundt pan

If you are going to do some crafting with the kids we have plenty of pre baked kits great to make when school ends before xmas . 

We have gingerbread kits and also the ever popular cookie tree kit and sugar decorations of all types

cupcake and cake stencils

chocolate moulds of all types

some lovely cupcake cases and wrappers

Cookie cutter and Stencil sets

Dozens  of cutters and plunger cutters I think this set would be great with the Grandchildren.

And to finish off don't forget the packaging lots of bags in all patterns. I find the Tray bags particularly useful to put round a plate or tray for xmas lunches.

 Click on this link to see our full quota of Christmas goodies  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today I am 37 years old

Today I am 37 years old - this wonderful cake was made for me, by my friend Lisa. I love my cowboy boots. And since dislocating my knee just over a month ago, I have been able to wear them. The detail ont he fondant boots is amazing. Oh and just so you know, this cake is big!
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