Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the 16th day of Christmas - Royal icing bauble ornaments

On the 16th day of Christmas my true gave to me.................. Royal icing Christmas ornaments

Full credit for the idea for these royal icing ornaments, goes to Dorothy White who is our club secretary at the Whangarei cake decorators guild. She demonstrated them one club night last year. I didn't write down her instructions at the time, so the method used, is what I did.

These lovely ornaments have a myriad of uses for Christmas cakes, but also make great balloons on a childs cake. Teh royal icing can be coloured if you wish or left white as I've done.

To make these neat little ornaments, blow up tiny water bombs with air to make tiny balloons (they are around $2 per pack of 100 and can be found easily at many stores). I used a balloon pump as they are difficult to blow up without. I blew up more than I needed in case of any disasters, they have a tendency to fly about, so I popped them under a cake dome.

Grease your balloon with a fine layer of oil/shortening. (I tested what happens when you don't grease your balloon - the icing breaks in some places as the balloon deflates)

I used instant royal icing mix to create these baubles. I always have a packet in the cupboard. I find as I use only a little royal icing at a time, it is more economic for me, than making it from scratch. I piped a version of cornelli all over the balloon (I say version, as true cornelli doesn't touch or crossover - but as this shape has to hold once the balloon is removed, the design needs to touch in some places for the shape to be sturdy)

Be sure to leave room at the very top for the deflated balloon to be removed - once you have piped your design all over the balloon hang it up to dry. I used paper clips to make hangers - as I don't have a drying rack, I used a shelf in my pantry. I let them dry overnight. To deflate the balloon make a very small cut or prick in the balloon. Don't pop the balloon, the shock is too much for the icing and it shatters. Keep hold of the top of the balloon as it deflates, as you don't want the balloon to drop inside your bauble.

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