Saturday, December 5, 2009

Five - big- fat - pigs! - Kiwicakes advent calendar - day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me................. five big fat pigs!

Piggie no#1 is busy with his L&P can, piggie no#2 is resting in his kiwi print boxers with jandals - I love his NZ fern tattoo, piggie no#3 has the iconic black singlet & gumboots, piggie no#4 has had too much sun and piggie no#5 is all ready for Christmas day.

Lisa from "The Whole Cake & Caboodle" was kind enough to create a step by step tutorial for you all - for piggie faces, so you can see how easy it is. These faces would look great on cupcakes. Products used for this grouping include Gum trag or CMC is used in the icing, to give the figures strength and to help them to dry hard. White fondant icing is used for the pigs, which is coloured with pink icing colouring red  and  green ready coloured fondant is used for some of the accents. Our girl piggie's bikini has small flowers cut with a small ejector cutter. Our Christmas gift piggie has holly in his hat, cut using the 11mm holly ejector cutter.

Step one - take a piece of pink fondant the size of a giant marshmallow.

Step two- indent the mouth with the end of a piping tip or something to make a half round shape.

Step 3 - make holes in mouth ends with toothpick

Step 4 - take a piece of fondnat the size of a pebble or slightly larger and roll it into a ball then slightly flatten and put on just above the mouth using a dab of water or a sugar glue. Use a toothpick to mark nostrils.

Step 5 - take a piece of fondant the size of a jelly bean and divide into two for ears. Roll into teardrop shapes.

step 6 - flatten the teardrops and also fold the ear ends as desired.

step 7 - fix to face with dab of water or edible glue in any desired position.

step 8 - poke eyes with toothpick or paint eyes with a fine brush and eyebrows as desired. Different ear positions and eyebrow positions give different looks.

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