Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hawaiian Luau themed cake

Todays fun post comes from my American friend Autumn Carpenter. Autumn designs and manufacturers a broad range of cake decorating supplies, which I'm proud to stock at Kiwicakes.

This cake really appeals to me, I'd love to receive it for my birthday.

Tools and Ingredients
6" and 8" round 2-layer cakes
10" cake drum or board
dowels for stacking
light blue rolled fondant
light brown rolled fondant
light green rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant or gumpaste
white rolled fondant or gumpaste
orange rolled fondant or gumpaste
red rolled fondant or gumpaste
purple rolled fondant or gumpaste
green rolled fondant or gumpaste
blue rolled fondant or gumpaste
pink rolled fondant or gumpaste
flexible poly blade
assorted gumpaste tools
black rolled fondant
tylose glue
clay extruder
leaf cutter
surfboard cookie cutter
edible stones
pastry brush
brown sugar
white sanding sugar
king size muffin cupcake or rice krispie form

Roll white and yellow fondant or gumpaste thin. Use the flower and sea turtle texture sheet and make a raised pattern on both colours. Use surfboard cookie cutter and cut. Using edible markers, color the raised patterns. 
Roll dark green fondant or gumpaste thin and cut palm tree leaves. Use poly blade to cut knotches out of leaves; place leave on formers to dry in a curved shape. 
Use the same fondant to cut 1/4" thin strips to resemble long blades of grass. Use the poly blade to taper the tops. Twist the strips and allow to dry. Allow all pieces to dry overnight. 
Roll light blue fondant and light brown fondant to desired thickness and cover cakes brushed with piping gel or lightly iced with buttercream. Prepare cakes for stacking. 
Roll out light brown fondant to cover board; brush with piping gel, lay fondant over board and use poly blade to trim. 
Mix equal amounts of white sanding sugar and brown sugar together to make sand. Brush piping gel around the bottom of the 6" cake and sprinkle with sand. Place cakes on board and stack. 
Roll out light blue fondant. Using the wave texture sheet, roll over the fondant. Use a sharp knife or poly blade to cut out the waves to make the strip uneven heights. Attach to 8" cake using piping gel. Brush board with piping gel and sprinkle sand around the edge of the board. 
Roll a small piece of light green rolled fondant and attach to the top of the 6" cake with piping gel. Use a star tip to make the fondant piece textured like grass. 
Tiki hut: Take the king size muffin or rice kripie form and cover with piping gel. Roll a yellowish-brown piece of fondant thick and then use the bamboo texture sheet to make the bamboo for the hut. Roll a black piece of fondant very thin to make the opening and apply with piping gel. Cover the hut with the bamboo being sure not to cover the black fondant. Place the hut on top of the grass fondant and stick a wooden skewer or dowel down the center and into the 6" cake for stability. Brush top of hut with piping gel and use the clay extruder with the tiny holes to make the thatch roof. 
Palm tree: Using a wooden skewer as a center support, mould a brown piece of fondant into the shape of a tree trunk. Use scisors to cut the triangular pieces of the trunk. Push dowel in to the top of the 6" cake. 
Roll three 1/2" balls out of brown fondant to place at the top of the skewer to resemble coconuts; these will also be the support system for your palm leaves. Attach to top of skewer with piping gel and allow to dry. 
Sea creatures: Use assorted colours of fondant or gumpaste to create the sea life. Use the gumpaste tools to make details and use black non-pareils for eyes. Mould flip flops. Use piping gel and attach leaves to the top of the palm tree, grass to the bottom of the cake board, and sea creatures to the sides and bottom of the cakes. Sprinkle edible stones along the bottom of the sea floor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whatever your passion Kiwicakes will see you right

Did you know we've an ENORMOUS range of cookie cutters. Whether your passions, is owls elephants horses or anything in between we've got you sorted.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Batman Boys Party - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Our eldest recently turned 7 and he requested a superhero party with a batman cake. Decisive children sure make party planning easy! I decided to buy a bat cutter to make my life easier, safe in knowing that I could use it multiple ways for maximum value. You can copy my spider man tablecloth idea with a similar spider web table cover we stock here at Kiwicakes.

On the party morning we pressed bat shapes out of a loaf of fluffy toast slice white bread and put them back in the airtight bread bag. Just before the party we spread them with a thin layer of softened butter and sprinkled with 100s&1000s. These would have looked extra awesome with yellow sprinkles instead. Mind you, the plate was clear in seconds so they must have had kid appeal as they were.

We used the bat bread off cuts to make our kids french toast for breakfast before the party began. I love the looks of pure delight they reward us with for the simplest things!

For his cake I baked two 9" chocolate cakes and sliced off their dome tops. I sandwiched them with a generous layer of orange buttercream made simple using orange flavacol (or you can buy pre-made coloured buttercream to use). Then I crumb coated the cake exterior with the same buttercream using a spatula and covered it in orange pettinice. I trimmed the excess but didnt need to be too picky making the base beautiful as it was to be covered up anyway. I used the bat cutter yet another time for the black logo stuck on top.

I used refill paper to mock up a cityscape and moved them all around until I was happy. I used them as pattern pieces to cut out black fondant buildings, which I stuck around with sugar glue. Little yellow fondant squares (made simple with a square plunger cutter) look like evening lights when placed randomly. Tall black candles completed the look.  

Here is the happy superhero with his birthday cake!

Yet another way I used the same bat cutter was creating iced cookies for take-home gifts. Little superheroes-in-the-making sure need loads of food for sustenance. I used my alphabet cutter set to personalise the cookies with our birthday boys name.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Loyalty rewards at Kiwicakes

Did you know at Kiwicakes the more you shop, the more you save. We've had in place our loyalty scheme for some time now. Click here to find out more

Thursday, May 7, 2015

With the release of our Old Master wafer paper prints, I couldn't wait to marry them up with our picture frames mould. The moulds are made with yellow fondant, to which I added a little tylose to harden. The wafer paper pictures are attached with edible glue and painted with Rainbow Dust edible metallic paint light gold & dark gold. (I did 2 coats)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Horse cake - with party pony cake pan

My children have a cute little horse you may have seen pictures of here on the blog named Gingy. So I wasn't surprised when Miss 12 asked for a horse cake for her birthday. "The same colour as Gingy please Mum!". I got off lightly this year, as she wanted the Wilton Party Pony cake pan for her cake, these pans make life so easy for a busy mum, if you're happy piping buttercream, then it's just like colouring in. I used the buttercream recipe from our FAQ

Our little Gingy is too small to ride, so we headed to the local riding centre with a group of Miss 12's friends and had a fun party there with a group of larger horses and a one hour riding lesson.

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