Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winning cake - Kiwicake's 7th birthday competition winner

Today Kiwicakes' 7th birthday cake arrived. We recently ran a competition asking anyone to design our birthday cake based on the theme "Trixie goes on holiday" (see all the entries here). Karyn Thomas was our winner.

We were very lucky to have wonderful professional photos taken by her brother Daniel Fisk, prior to the cake making its way up to us. Our wonderful cake was expected here yesterday, but due to snow down the country it was delayed and finally arrived today. At least with all the cold weather, it was kept at optimum temperature. Our Fastway courier said that at each change over depot it was treated like a work of art, switched from one driver's front seat to the next and belted in with the seat belt, with instructions for the next driver to guard it with their life.

Karyn had some pretty specific instructions for the courier. It just goes to show that a well constructed cake, that is packed well, if treated properly will arrive at its destination intact. There wasn't a single thing damaged on the cake.

When describing this cake I want to use every superlative I know: "it's breathtaking", "it's stunning", and the inevitable "I don't want to cut it!"

Karyn Thomas's design was chosen from this sketch. Now I know you're going to want to see lots of close ups.

When it arrived at Kiwicakes my girls clustered around and exclaimed in raptures for quite some time:  pointing out the very square corners, how perfectly it was executed and how lifelike the tools and smoothers were. Even the pipe cleaner on the luggage tag is lifelike.

The flavour was described on Karyn's entry as limoncello cake with zesty homemade lemon curd, almond dacquoise and lemon buttercream. I could not wait to try the cake, with a description like that! And every gal here at Kiwicakes LOVES lemon. Just as I went to cut it, we had our first customer for the day, so we were able to share with the lovely Lisa. It was comical when her young son looked at the cake and said "we don't need any of those things." He really thought they were tools. The cake was divine, we all adored it. If you're local, pop in and see us and we'll feed you some - we have heaps to share.

I'll leave you with this parting shot of Karyn, she could only pretend to eat it (I hope she got to lick the bowl). You can follow Karyn on facebook here. Check out all her amazing work. I'm sure she'd love it if you popped over and told her what you think of this cake.

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