Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New progel colouring reviewed by the wonderful Lisa Templeton

I have made some wonderful friends in the caking world and I am very proud of my friend Lisa Templeton. Many of you may know of Lisa, together with her husband Donald they run Denheath desserts world famous for their custard squares (amongst other things). Lisa recently reviewed our new range of Progel food colouring gel pastes and gave them a big thumbs up. You can read her review at Cakenz here

The first project Lisa used them on was the roses for her daughter's birthday cake (much of it is dummy tiers).  

Since the review was published. Lisa continues to use them in her other flowers. Look at the vibrant orange she achieved with the "orange" progel.

I love Lisa's roses so much, So does Grandma Kiwicake's - she checks Lisa's facebook page every day to see if there are any new ones to look at. Grandma Kiwicake's adores flowers and declares Lisa's are the most lifelike she has seen.

I would have to say, this graduated coloured rose would have to be my favourite, from recent posts by Lisa. It is so life like. 

Do pop on by to Lisa's facebook page - tell her I say Hi!

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