Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Ten Pin Bowling party

This fun ten pin bowling party I organised for my daughter's tenth birthday (where did all those years go?).
My little boy immediately decided this is the party he wants when he turns 7 in July, so I'll have to think of a few things to change for his party. Bowling parties as a theme in NZ is not that common - so I started browsing ETSY and immediately fell in love with a print your own file, for bowling party supplies. It worked out far more economically than buying the items (especially as I'll be doing this party again)

The banner included with the printables also came with the word BOWL - but we had little room to hang the banner, as it was, so I thought the sign would look great on the table. The sticks are red retro paper straws from here.. I used these mini milk bottles as vases. And anchored them in the bottle with chocolate sixlets (which I also used again in the little red gumball machines). I also used these same bottles for the girls for lemonade.

We used a printable from Etsy to create little stickers for the bottom of Hersheys kisses

The sign was customised for Poppy's party and placed in an inexpensive black frame purchased from Warehouse stationery.

These little red M&M containers came from the supermarket and I added the water bottle labels printable to make them super cute.

I used an edible marker pen to draw the round dots, which represented the finger holes on my macarons to make them look like bowling balls.

The tiny little cookies had edible images on them, all bowling themed 

Everytime I throw a birthday party for my children, I always include popcorn cups, it is the very first thing to be eaten (every time!). The boxes are square le petit gateau cupcake papers.

The take home gifts for the party guests were Hershey's bars wrapped with a customised label and little red gumball machines filled with pearl lime green and pearl powder blue sixlets.

Poppy had told me months ago, she was going to design her own cake and she wanted to help make it. This is the sketch we started with. Together we discussed the cake sketch - as the top tier was only 4'' and the bottom tier 7'' (she only had 4 friends coming to her party) - we had to make a few design modifications.

This was our resulting cake, a joint effort for me & Poppy. She was really happy with how it came out.

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