Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polystyrene cake dummies at the best price in NZ

I always endeavour to seek out the best price, first time for my customers here at Kiwicakes. In the past, I have been horrified, with the cost of polystyrene cake dummies, and have ordered them in, on an as required basis. However this week, I am thrilled to announce, Kiwicakes now offers the best price on the web, within NZ for cake dummies, we have round & square shapes, due in to stock next week, and if other shapes prove popular, we'll add them in to stock too.

Dummies are 3''/75mm deep and priced from 5''/125mm diameter @$5 to 14''/350mm diameter @$12. Compare our prices. In most cases, I've found them to be 50% cheaper. Click here to buy


  1. Oh wow that is great!! Sandra!! I'll have to keep that in mind! =)


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