Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A cake pan to make any letter or any number

This awesome new cake pan can make any letter or any number - what more do you need?. I have been so excited ever since I knew these pans were on the way. Today they have FINALLY arrived. They are very heavy and a nice quality.This wonderful cake pan can be used to create any letter from A to Z or any number from 0-9.
Simply follow the guide included to move the squares to create the outline of the shape required.
Spell out words for events, or a childs name. Can even be used to create no#s such as 2 & 1 to place on top of a large sheet cake for large celebrations.
Can be used with cake, brownie or Jelly. Measures 4x7x1'' deep.


  1. Do you sell these cake pans and if so how much do they cost? Including postage to Melbourne Australia

  2. yes I do, they are $35, airmail to AU around $10. It is quite small, designed to spell out entire names or numbers

  3. Hi Do you still stock this one? i went on your website and couldn't find it. I live in New Zealand and would be interested in buying it


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