Friday, October 16, 2009

More on Polystyrene cake dummies

Great news everyone, the polystyrene cake dummies have landed!. Thanks for all the great feedback you've given me, on finally being able to bring these to you at a reasonable price.
Some great ideas have been shared with us, on the uses of cake dummies. One in particular that interested me, was using round or square dummies, with matching shaped cake boards to create cupcake stands, at a fraction of the cost of buying a large one. The polystyrene dummy can be dressed with a fabric sleeve, to match the party decor, or even the bridesmaids dress material. I've been so inspired, I think I might try my hand at one.
We'll have more great cake dummy shapes coming soon.
Kiwicakes is proud to be a trend setter for new products and prices, whilst we strive to lead - we find others often follow with price matching, so we're happy to be bringing you these great new prices. Whether you choose to buy from us, or those that have chosen to match us in price. We are proud to be cutting the price of your large cake dummies in half.

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