Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chocolate 3d Christmas bauble cheescakes

Anyone that knows me knows that I ADORE Christmas. Here at Kiwicakes, the planning starts for Christmas around July/August. I've been thinking about having a play with this 3d Christmas bauble chocolate mould for a while now (it can be used to make completely spherical chocolates). Then it hit me - Christmas cheescakes were begging to be made! And it was so easy.

Here's how: I took my favourite cheescake recipe and mixed in some red and green 100s and 1000s I was worried the colours would bleed excessively. But even after a very good stir, they were still looking great (you can use store bought cheescake also)

I melted milk chocolate moulding melts in a double boiler. I spooned it in to the 3d Christmas bauble mould and left it to set in the freezer for aprx 5minutes. When you take the mould from the freezer. hold it up to the light, if you see any thin spots, cover these with a little more chocolate.
I then spooned in to the cavities aprx 1tbsp of cheescake mixture. I covered this with a biscuit base, I used Malt biscuits, as I felt they were less sweet than many alternatives, given all that extra chocolate (and I had them in the cupboard). I allow 1.5 malt biscuits per mini cheescake. For 9 biscuits, I used 3 tbsp of melted butter. Simply pulse biscuits in food processor until they are crumbs, or place in a bag and smash with a rolling pin. Stir in melted butter. Press biscuit mixture in to cavities. Place entire mould in fridge for an hour or so. The baubles released from the mould very easily and the biscuit stayed right where it was supposed to.
I coloured them using just two colours, from the Rainbow Dust range of edible silk lustres (suitable for vegetarains Rainbow dust is Halal and Kosher certified). The red is Metallic Moroccan Velvet and the gold is Metallic Golden Sands. I was really thrilled with how they turned out.

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