Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tools I can't live without! #3

I often get asked - what tools I can't live without. I get asked by curious customers as well as people buying for the cake decorating fan in their life. So I thought I'd begin to share a few of my all time favourites with you. In no particular order - here goes #3 Piping or decorating bags OK OK, so we all use them. But there are uses beyond the obvious. I favour a 12'' bag for my piping work, I can get enough twist at the back end, to stop my icing going out backwards (a rubber band, also helps in this department). And no matter how tempted you are to put heaps of icing in the bag, the less icing you have in the bag, the faster you pipe, saving you more time in the long run (a good guide, is enough icing that you can comfortably squeeze in your hand, icing should not be up higher than width of your palm).

Disposable bags are great for piping chocolate, I piped the white chocolate coral on plastic sheet, simply by filling a disposable bag with white chocolate, then I snipped the end of the bag, to reveal a very fine hole - then hey presto, pipe with a wiggling action and you have coral, Freeze 2-3 mins and peel back plastic sheet. (Coral is overdusted with sparkle dust)

Although I had seen a large piping bag used to fill small cakes on cooking shows, I NEVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED HOW GREAT IT WAS!!! - until I tried it. Not only did I not get drips over the edges of my paper cupcake cases (which look ugly when they are cooked), I filled the cupcakes in no time flat. To fill bag - place over an open necked vessel, tip cupcake batter in to bag, twist off back end and proceed to fill cupcakes, just bend tip of bag up with 1 finger to stop flow in between cupcakes. If you follow this method, you will not be sorry. Bag can of course be used for icing too.

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