Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tools I can't live without! #2

I often get asked - what tools I can't live without. I get asked by curious customers as well as people buying for the cake decorating fan in their life. So I thought I'd begin to share a few of my all time favourites with you. In no particular order - here goes #2 rotating cake stands or turntables I wouldn't be without them. Gone are the days, where I contort my body to reach the back side of a cake, or try to move a cake board across the bench, only to slip & stick my finger in my beautiful icing. I own both a tilting turntable & a low flat one. The tilting turntable I find gives me extra height, to get the cake closer to me, when I stand at the bench, as I don't like to bend down (after 3 hours, I suddenly find my neck & back are sore). My low flat one, is great for taking photos of my cake, from all sides. I also use it when presenting the cake to the birthday person, as no matter where they choose to sit at the table, the cake can always be gently turned to face them, with ease.

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