Wednesday, August 5, 2009

interesting facts from ecostore

I received my monthly newsletter from ecostore today. I've bought ecostore products for a long long time (currently in our house we use the dishwasher powder, dishwashing liquid, soap, laundry detergent, baby shampoo, bath gels, shower cleaner, insect repellent - and there's probably more I've forgotten ANYHOO, this is what made such interesting reading today.

"What's happening to laundry powders?
You may have noticed that mainstream laundry brands have been reformulating their washing powders into 2x concentrated powders or solutions. As you may know our laundry powder has always been highly concentrate and still is much more concentrated than the new ultra concentrated versions of conventional brands. A 1kg box of ecostore laundry powder gives you 32 standard washes - which is almost 40% more value than competing brands, which offer only 23 standard washes. As well as saving you money, less packaging required in the ultra-concentrated formula also means less waste for the environment, and we all like that!
What's really exciting for us though is that we've recently done some calculations and worked out that over the last five years alone, people using ecostore laundry powder, instead of mainstream brands, have helped prevent 4.4 billion litres of nasty chemical laden grey water from going into our water systems. That's enough for 1 million people to shower daily for 3 months. A fantastic effort all round! It's nice to know that small things can collectively make a big difference."
As well as

"The bottom line on bubbles
Did anyone see the Target story recently about dishwashing liquid? A common misperception is that the more bubbles a dishwashing liquid or powder produces, the better the cleaning result for their crystal glasses, cutlery and plates.
However, as some of you may know, the presence of soap suds has no bearing on how well a dishwashing product is cleaning your dishes. ecostore's dishwash liquid won't produce a lot of foam because it doesn't include toxic foam-boosting chemicals. As far as we're concerned, that's just another pollutant down the drain our waterways can do without. It still cleans your dishes just as effectively, with no harmful chemical residues to worry about."

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