Sunday, August 23, 2009

A quick cake I made for Janet

I made this cake for my dear friend Janet. I go to body combat exercise classes twice a week with Janet. She invited me and some of the girls to her birthday at our local Thai restaraunt. We had a great night and I was out dancing until 12.30. For this Mum of small kids, that's a major accomplishment! - especially when I realised I hadn't been dancing since before my eldest was born (and I love dancing!).

Janet didn't know she was getting a cake, it's always so nice to surprise someone. The cake was chocolate fudge, with a Baileys Irish creme buttercream under the white chocolate slabs, which had a design of stripes, using chocolate transfers.
Apologies for quality of photo, it was taken in failing light and the only place I got get a halfway decent photo, was on the deck outside

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