Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cookie Fun For A Rainy Day - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Here are a few covered cookie ideas to inspire. I find that cookies always go down well with the recipients and its a double-win because nothing beats creative time to yourself

Visitors to the recent Cake and Craft shows may have seen these being demonstrated on the Kiwicakes stand. All of the fondant toppers were stuck to the cookies with a little swipe of edible glue.

This little rocket was made with a rocket cookie cutter . A little turquoise and yellow fondant was used and impressions were highlighted with pearlescent yellow and midnight blue metallic food paint.

This crown wouldn't be out of place at an Alice in Wonderland high tea party. The cookie is covered in ivory fondant then a printed card suits wafer paper topper. I pressed the cookie cutter onto the wafer paper to make an indentation then cut around it with kitchen scissors. It is adhered to the fondant with the tiniest amount of sugar glue.

This cookie is made using the same cookie cutter as above but has more of a princess tiara feeling due to the strategic placement of shimmery cachous. Baby pink fondant covered the biscuits and was impressed with a press ice tool (pictured in yellow). You can get these in cool zigzag, diamond and drape designs as well as other polka and ribbon effects. They make decorating patterns a breeze, especially adding detail to the side of a cake evenly.

The impressions made with the tool are little dimples that can be touched with a drop of edible glue using a really fine brush. The large pink and small white sugar pearls are added with the help of sugar pearl tweezers that save you handling them all individually.

This medieval castle is covered in grey fondant and was impressed with a crocodile skin rolling pin. The grand drawbridge door is made with a little brown fondant and the shape was cut out using the same rocket cutter used above! It was impressed vertically with the tree bark mat and double handles were added for focus. 

This delicate floral shoe was made with a cherry blossom wafer paper design that I cut out following the shoe cutter template. Another yellow variation on a shoe is shown below to show you that anything goes! This one has awesome texture as it is covered in yellow edible glitter. The photo doesn't do justice. A sole was suggested by a string of silver rice shape dragees.

We hope this gets you inspired to include cookie crafting in your next rainy day activities!

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