Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gracie's Frozen birthday party part 2

This is part 2 of Gracies Frozen party. Part 1 with her cake is here. Jenny spent months planning Gracie's party. Collecting party items for months, many of which came from Kiwicakes. The cupcake papers and cupcake stand can be found here 

Jenny piped her cupcakes with our buttercream recipe  using tip 4b

The back drop was some lovely sparkly blue fabric that was going begging from our storeroom and the drapes were made with plastic snowflake tablecovers

The party table made Gracie's day and her friends loved it.

The girls could choose between milk bottles or frozen cups

Frozen snowball cake pops anyone?. They look stunning on our acrylic cake pop stand

The chocolate covered oreos were a hit with the little party goers. Using this mould

They're fun to make with kids in the lead up to the party. Simple melt your chocolate

To create a contrasting colour, add some powdered or candy colour to your white chocolate.

Fill this colour in to the mould first and allow to set

A squeeze bottle makes it easier

Then add some white chocolate. And then place an Oreo cookie down in to the mould.

You can leave the back uncovered, or cover over with some more melted white chocolate. Whichever you prefer.

For take home loot. Gracie's little party goers took home sweets in Olaf cups and a few treasures in snowflake bags 

The bags are a good size, but can be cut down easily if you don't need the extra space.

I think Jenny did an amazing job of Gracie's party. No wonder Gracie declared it "the best party ever!"

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