Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A pie from my Nordicware bundt pan

I recently decided to try baking a pie in my Nordicware bundt pan. This isn't really a recipe, as you can fill with whatever you have to hand, and it will bake well regardless of the contents (provided they are not too wet)

We have milking goats, so I frequently make ricotta. To 500g of ricotta I added tons of spinach, which I wilted in a pan with a little olive oil and some garlic. I tossed in some chopped ham, chives and walnuts and bound together with an egg. The best thing about this pie, is you really can throw in a bit of whatever you have.

I folded filo sheets in half length ways, that had been brushed with butter, and lined the pan. Where the hole is in the centre I flicked the filo inwards until I'd filled the pan with my ricotta mixture.

Once filled I unfolded from the centre outwards.And brushed the top with melted butter

Then I baked it at 180C until golden brown Aprx 30 mins.

The pie flipped out of the pan with ease.

It was pretty darn tasty and looked stunning as well. A lovely winter warmer.

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