Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mainfreight Truck cake made by Kiwicaker Suzanne

I was wow-ed this afternoon when I received the following photos from Kiwicaker Suzanne Davies, she had used our custom edible image service to create the logos to use on this truck cake for a Mainfreight driver.

I received the loveliest letter From Suzanne and she gracefully gave her permission for me to share with you all.

Hi Vaughan and fellow Kiwi Cakes staff

Thank you so much for the fantastic service and product that I received. 
The images are brilliant; your overall service from my initial contact requesting printing of an item that is not generally done to your followup 'phone call Vaughan, adjustments to the prototype, to the next day delivery was absolutely first class.

My brother was totally thrilled with the end  result - (please see attached photos). 
As for me - I've gone from not knowing anything about trucks to almost expert status in a few days - now I can't stop looking at trucks where ever I go, aargh!

Thanks again
Suzanne Davies

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