Friday, January 24, 2014

My favourite new website - Eat your books

I was on a high the day I discovered Eat Your Books websiteIt’s always an incredible surprise when you come across something that prior to discovery you never knew you needed! Eat Your Books is a website which allows you to search the indexes of printed cookbooks you already own. With a database of over 125,000 cookbooks (which they're adding to all the time) you can create a virtual bookshelf by adding the titles of cookbooks you own. I’ve added my entire recipe book collection, and so far I’ve only come across two of my books that aren’t in their system (and they were very old books). It also indexes food magazines and popular online blogs.

Now, instead of searching for hours through my recipe books, I can with the press of a few keys search through all the recipe books I own.

I recently chatted with Fiona, who lives in Auckland and who together with her Sister Jane who lives in Boston created Eat Your Books. They work with a dedicated team of foodies to ensure every visit to the website is an enjoyable one. I believe it will only get better. I've signed up with a yearly recurring subscription.

The Eat Your Books website has a wealth of searching possibilities. Aside from searching your books recipe titles, you can search by:

* ingredients
* author
*meal type

Within your recipes you can add:

*personal notes
*tag recipes as favourites
*create menus and shopping lists

You can even add your own personal recipes, that once you may have typed out or handwritten in a journal.

If you subscribe to food magazines you can simply tick a box and have each new magazine automatically added to your online collection. 

You can also browse the huge collection of online recipes which have been indexed, and if you see one you fancy, with the simple click of a button it's added to your online recipe collection.

Each time I use Eat Your Books it seems I discover yet another great way to use it - I'm looking forward to easy recipe locating from now on. And now that I have an easy way to search within my cookbooks I'll happily continue to regularly add more books to my collection. Do take a look at the EYB website, I'd love to hear what you think.

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