Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cupcakes in Disguise

When you're asked to bake for a charity bake sale, with only a few days notice and you already have a hectic working week, what do you do? These crazy cupcakes were one of my solutions.
These were decorated in a matter of minutes (less than ten) using a buttercream swirl with 1M wilton tip as the base. The eyes are Wilton large candy eyeballs, which stay in place when pressed on to the buttercream. The mouths, teeth and moustaches are Natural Confectionery Co "Lolly Disguises".

I really can't decide whether I like "Hot-lips Cupcake" best

or "Professor Cupcake".

"Geeky cupcake" also has his own charm

As does "Mr Cupcake". One bag of lollies will make aprx 18-20 cupcakes. I did get a few malformed lollies in my bag, but the children didn't complain when they were given them to dispose of  eat.

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