Monday, November 18, 2013

Pirate Party Stack - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

My little pirate turned three at the start of spring. He quite specifically requested a pirate party and to have it onboard a train - as you do when you're three apparently. I suspect his older sister had creative input. 

Here are his party cupcakes. Party food for kids and their families had to be transported to the bush station with us onboard the train. So to keep things simple these cupcakes were perched on a silver cardboard cupcake stand. It comes flat-packed, so I could slot it together at the destination.

Given that the party day coincided with both moving house weekend and Australian Nana coming to stay, this party food had to be quick and easy. I thought red and stripey cupcake papers looked the part. I popped these cute skull and crossbone flag picks in cupcakes for adults and I topped the kids ones with pirate sugar icing decorations to eat.  Super easy for me and they were a hit!

Here is the birthday boy with his sword, looking a bit too cute to be a real pirate if you ask me!

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