Monday, November 25, 2013

3D Sparkling Snowflakes - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Today I had a play with another new Wilton chocolate mold. They have released a freestanding snowflake design just in time for Christmas.

I had a go at both blue and white snowflakes and decided to jazz them up with matching edible glitter to highlight the ornate edges.

The mold takes 115g chocolate or candy melts and makes 3 complete snowflakes (6 discs). 

Simply melt the chocolate, pour into the mold, tap to release air bubbles, refrigerate for ten minutes, then pop the set discs out.

Use a tiny drop of edible glue on a fine paintbrush to moisten the edges, one by one. Then dip liberally in your coloured edible glitter and keep working your way around the disc until it is sparkling!

You will need to work quickly as the heat of your hands will want to melt the snowflake disc. I used a scrap of baking paper to avoid leaving fingerprints while handling the chocolate. 

This snowflake uses blue candy melts and turquoise edible glitter. The bag of melts yields 9 snowflakes.

You can play with any combination of colours and glitters to suit your theme.

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