Monday, February 8, 2010

Have you tried the taste of yellow?

Have you tried the taste of yellow chocolate bar yet?. It was released for sale today, at Foodtown, Woolworths & Countdown supermarkets. I've been following the taste of yellow. I sampled the taste of yellow quite some time back. I've been dying to taste the finished bar. It was surprising in that the actual bar was yellow. I had expected creme filled dark chocolate, simply because, this is what the samples were. The bar has a groovy wrapper. It reminds me a lot of Josh from Telecom.

Inside the gold foil, is a little card, with the story of Josh's journey to create the taste of yellow chocolate, mine was stained bright yellow from the chocolate. The bar is moulded using an elaborate design. The bar in my photo has lots of popped air bubbles on the surface, which probably doesn't bother a huge proportion of the chocolate eaters out there. But as I've moulded chocolates myself, I immediately thought "look at all those bubbles"
Whilst I can 100% say "it tastes like yellow". I'm still not sure I like it. I bought 4, so I've still got time to decide. I really loved the french toast sample, I was desperately hoping it would make the final cut for the taste of yellow, so this may have biased my opinion.

Overall I think Josh did a great job, getting it in to the stores in such a short time frame with no background in chocolate making. I feel sorry for all those people that fall in love with the taste of yellow, as it's a limited time release, once it's gone, you won't be able to get it again EVER. But that's life I guess.
Have you bought a taste of yellow bar?. Do you like it?

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