Friday, February 26, 2010

My 10th Wedding anniversary

Wow it's hard to believe I have been married for ten years. For quite some years, I had always intended to make a miniature version of our wedding cake to celebrate. However I realised a few weeks ago, to do this and keep it a surprise from my husband, simply wasn't going to be possible. So I asked the lovely Lisa from The Whole Cake & Caboodle if she would make it for me. She kindly agreed and this is the result. It is a small cake with a 5 and 3 inch cake inside those gorgeous wraps. It is gin & lemon (my husbands favourite from the 4 flavours we had)

Here is a photo of the orginal From March 4 2000 (Made by the City Cake Company in Mt Eden Auckland). It was 4 tiers. The smallest cake is on the bottom and the largest on the top. It was quite a feat of engineering. Our 4 flavours were chocolate mud, orange & almond, gin & lemon & fruit. what was quite funny, was it tasted so darn good, many of my guests actually ate 4 pieces (1 of each flavour) It's quite funny, I've always been a cake fanatic, this cake cost more than my wedding dress.

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