Monday, February 22, 2010

Flirty fuschia female flamingoes for my flickr friend Tracy

I was asked to take part in a cookie swap by Lisa from "The Whole Cake & Caboodle" with some of the cake & cookie girls on flickr (within NZ). Lisa made a draw of all our names & I got to swap with the lovely Tracy (Sweet Treacle) from Auckland. I decided to make flamingoes for Tracy, as I'd viewed the flamingo cookies she made, after she had visited Auckland Zoo, (she posted them on flickr). This coincided with a recent trip with the children to Auckland Zoo in the school holidays for my family. I also just got a brand new flamingo cookie cutter in to stock.

The flaminoes are one of my favourite things at the zoo, I'm always still standing there looking at them, long after everyone else has moved on. My daughter Poppy asked me, at the zoo "Mum if you were a zoo animal - what would you be?" I chose the flamingo. Maybe it's the skinny legs that appeal?

One thing that intrigues me, is the intensity of pink, of flamingoes in the wild (owing to the amount of shrimp they eat). I wanted mine, to be REALLY pink too.

The cookies are almond flavoured sugar cookies. The rolled icing on top is a marzipan/fondant blend 70% marzipan/30% fondant. It makes the marzipan a little more pliable and helps stretch this expensive medium a little further. I was struck by how little colour is required to colour marzipan, as opposed to fondant, the black gave a very nice black, and very quickly too.

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