Monday, July 2, 2018

Unicorns and rainbows - 2 party favourites

Does anything go better together than Unicorns and Rainbows - perhaps Cake Unicorns and Rainbows? At Kiwicakes we've got you covered click here for Rainbow themed products

These Rainbow lollipops  are a great addition also perfect on drip cakes

If you are making a Unicorn cake click here  for our range of unicorn products whether making cookies, chocolates or using fondant for cakes.

Of special interest for those of you wanting to make a picture perfect unicorn cake is this set of 5  moulds makes unicorn ears, horns and eyelashes

 Other moulds include a cute unicorn silhouette

Not strictly a unicorn this Pegasus mould could be made into a winged unicorn easily

I hope these posts encourage you to explore our website Just type your favourite theme into the search box and see what you can find.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

So this is me

I recently had my portrait taken, wearing makeup no less!. And for anyone that knows me, will know this is likely a once a year occurrence. However this all came about when I was invited to an event "Celebrating Hardworking Woman" for business woman here in Whangarei. It was an event run by Nikita Parker with proceeds going to "Look Good Feel Better"And the gorgeous Minette took our photos.

So with this lovely photo in hand, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself
I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and furbaby owner.
I wear glasses and can't manage without them.
I am not a follower of fashion, I live in jeans - I do not enjoy shopping (unless it's for kitchen gadgets, cake toys or good food & wine, then I LOVE Shopping!)
I love to travel. My favourite places to visit are OLD, I love museums and galleries.
I live, breathe, eat and even dream about cake. When visiting new places my first stop is often to do with food or cake related.
I hear all too often "I just don't know how you do what you do - how do you have time". I could laughingly say it is due to not wearing makeup and not co-ordinating my outfits. But the truth is I have an amazing support network. My long suffering husband has at times been both mother and father to our children whilst I've travelled throughout NZ and overseas to cake shows and cake related events. And Grandma Kiwicakes, whom many of you know and love has been my rock not only in business, but with the family too. And here at Kiwicakes I have a great staff that have been with me for years - I'd be lost without them.
I read A LOT and if I have a good book in hand, I've been known to be unable to put it down. I don't have a favourite genre, if it's good I'll read it.
I love to cook and take great pleasure pottering about in the kitchen.
I love discovering new restaurants and eateries
I strive to shop locally, whilst I have been known to make an appearance at the supermarket, I am a regular at the local butcher, Bin Inn, Co-op and markets. I prefer old retro to new items.
My fitness regime is pretty much non existent, but I walk a few kilometres every day with our wee dog. The rest of the time you'll find me glued to my computer, doing everything behind the scenes that is needed to run Kiwicakes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

There be Dragons

If you are a dragon fan look no further Kiwicakes has a range of items to make the perfect dragon cake

We have a great range of silicone moulds Including right and left facing Chinese Dragons, A Welsh dragon , A baby dragon and a fantasy castle and dragon mould.

If you would like to stencil we have two different packs of dragon stencils

For the Patriotic Welshman we have this cookie cutter and a silicone mould of a Welsh dragon

The chocoholics have not been forgotten and we have a dragon Lollipop mould.

For all things dragon  click here  and look forward to creating your perfect dragon cake

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Custom sprinkle medleys now available at kiwicakes

 Three months ago I started on the lengthy process to offer Custom sprinkle medleys at Kiwicakes. AND NOW THE SERVICE IS HERE

It’s been a lot of work, the ingredients document was like writing a small novel. And I am so thankful for the wonderful Hayley who created the awesome custom medley photos (I don’t envy her laying all of those sprinkles out in straight lines).

We’ve sourced extra wonderful sprinkles from around the world, to extend our already awesome sprinkle selection. And a complete overhaul of our kitchen shelves was needed to create space, for each colour.

Some wonderful Kiwicakers agreed to be my custom medley testers, so I could try to iron out any wrinkles in the service, their medleys have been mixed and delivered.

I can’t wait to get mixing for you! Click here to find out more about the service 

Pretty unicorn cookies

 This lovely step by step tutorial comes to us from Lisa at The Whole Cake and Caboodle 

Using a unicorn cutter from Kiwicakes. Lisa baked sugar cookies, to which she added fondant horns, shaped by hand. Painted with Rolkem Super Gold, mixed with a little rose spirit to form a paint 

Using the cookie cutter. Cut out fondant icing unicorn, then remove the horn and mane using a knife.

Glue the fondant to the cookie using  edible sugar glue and mark the ear and nose hole with a veining tool. The line for the mouth is cut with a knife.

These photos show the steps to pipe the mane. They are random squiggles of royal icing (which sets hard allowing cookies to be bagged) using Wilton tip #16

The eye can be drawn on with an edible marker pen, or painted with a brush and edible black paint.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A fun cake by Gracie age 9

I just had to share with you, this fun cake, made by budding cake decorator Gracie age 9. She's been a cake decorating addict for years now and her mum Jenny sent through these photos of Gracie buttercreaming and making her very own cake for her teacher "Miss T"

Gracie used the Kiwicakes lemon & poppyseed cake mix. It's super tasty and has chunks of freeze dried lemon in it.

She used a metal scraper to get it nice and smooth 

Gracie used Bakels truffle for her drip

The sprinkle medley is Kaleidoscope

You can find the Rainbow Zebra cake board Gracie used here

A wonderful selection of Lollipops from the Kiwicakes range And the name "Miss T" was cut from yellow fondant icing using FMM alphabet Tappits 

I think Gracie at just 9 years of age did an amazing job. I cannot wait to see her cakes when she is an adult. I think we may have a star on our hands.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Fun holly cookies for Christmas

1. Stamp out and bake holly cookies using the cutter from this set of cookies cutters using your favourite non-spread sugar cookie recipe (it can help to chill cut shapes before baking to stop spreading)
2. Cut out using the same cookie cutter a thin green holly shape using green fondant icing. Glue to the cookie by brushing the cookie lightly with edible glue

3. Mark veins on the leaves as shown using a flute and vein tool 

4. Using the end of a piping tip 1A or similar cut three berries to fit. Or pipe berries using red royal icing. Make some royal icing to your own recipe or by beating 1 size 6 egg white and approx. 1-1.25 cups of icing sugar together. I beat the egg white until foamy then add the icing sugar in two lots. This used about 1 cup but if you wish to have a stiffer mix to hold piped ruffled shapes you will need to add a little more.
5. Leave finished cookies as is or arrange in a wreath on a large plate approx. 50-60 cm in diameter. If arranging in a wreath place holly berries after cookies have been arranged. I have glued cookies lightly with small dots of royal icing to hold them in place on both the plate and laying them on each other.

6. Further decorate with a ribbon bow or a hand cut cookie bow. Also add cookie ornaments if required.
With thanks to Lisa from The Whole Cake and Caboodle Whangarei

Friday, November 17, 2017

Forget everything you thought you knew about Renshaw Fondant

There is a new fondant in town. Renshaw EXTRA. and we have it available now at Kiwicakes
Made in the UK for Australasia's weather conditions, Renshaw Extra is the latest Ready to Roll Icing from the world’s largest sugarpaste manufacturer.
EXTRA Elastic and EXTRA Firm -Renshaw Extra is like no other fondant you have ever used before. It is a totally different formulation to the Renshaw RTR Icing that has been previously distributed in NZ

It is available in 250g coloured packs and 1kg 3kg and 10kg buckets of white.

Australia had this fondant first and I've been following some of the rave reviews for this new fondant. I can't wait to try it out for myself. I'll be posting more about it's properties later, I've not yet had a chance to try it out, as it only arrived yesterday.

Renshaw Australasia is sponsoring Cake TV brought to you by ACDN on You Tube. Be sure to subscribe to their channel for lots of great tutorials. Over on the Kiwicakes Facebook page I'll be sharing the new tutorials as they are released.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Make fun jumbo alphabet chocolates

Click to enlarge photo to - PRINT AND KEEP FOR LATER Using our Jumbo alphabet moulds you can create fun JUMBO chocolate freckle letters. Jumbo alphabet moulds are pricedat $6.00 each and we have all the sugar pearls and non pareils you could need. Why not try one of our sprinkle medleys?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Having cake tins made in India

I have literally thousands of photos from my trip to India. They could never be one post. I shared many photos whilst I was in India both on the Kiwicakes Facebook page & Instagram - thanks so much to all those who commented and kept asking for more.

It was hard to decide which blog post to start with, rather than a chronological order for my posts, I decided to just pick a topic and leap right in

I travelled to India with the lovely Pereira/Mascarenhas family. Who I will be ever grateful to for welcoming me in to their family fold and taking such great care of me for the 2 weeks we were in Mumbai.

My sweet friend Florinda asked me "what do you want to do in Mumbai" my reply was always "I don't care, I am happy to do anything". I was not being polite, I was being 100% truthful, I really was happy to do literally ANYTHING as every sight sound and smell was new to me. Perhaps I should have said "I want to do it all". Florinda suggested I might like to have some cake pans made, from the man she has used for many years to make all her wonderful shaped pans I readily agreed.

We arrived in Mumbai just after Christmas day, above is the adorable home I stayed in for 2 weeks. (Pali Naka Bandra) I had the entire top floor to myself. My hosts Florinda & Leyland lived here for many years before moving to NZ.

So it was by Rickshaw we went to Florinda's "cake pan man" At Jyoti Tin Works. A ride in one of these Rickshaws is so much fun and costs between 20 and 40 cents NZ depending on how far you need to go (we could fit three adults across the back seat). I tried to describe the road noise to my kids on my return from India, I've never heard anything like it (including having been to Shanghai). The horns beep non stop, as in the never ever stop and there's hundreds beeping all at once. I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time. 

This tiny little store is located in a narrow alley way, we arrived at Friday lunchtime to find the roller doors down on every store in the alleyway and the lane was filled with men dressed in white thobe kneeling in prayer. I discovered this was to last one hour. We'd arrived just as they started, so we popped down the street for a spot of Sari shopping (more on that later)

As I cannot speak Hindi, I left my lovely host to order my two cake pans, they were to be ready the following week and I paid a 50% deposit. Both pans costs less than $20

The staff at Jyoti Tin Works were so friendly, I asked if I might take photos and they happily agreed (I found this the case, every time I asked anyone during my stay)

At the time of our visit they were making cookie cutters 

My pans we repeatedly not ready, and it was not until the last day of my stay that I was able to collect them. I took with me from NZ these line drawings, my pans did not go according to the paper plan.

I gave the line drawings on paper, and asked for them to be the size of the paper. The team at Jyoti Tin works took this as a guide (I think) - as this is what I received. 

However I took it all in my stride, I actually had no need of the pans, I just really really wanted to experience going to the cake pan maker to have them made. My host assured me, she had always received exactly what she asked for. The pans had not cost much at all, so I decided to pay my remaining balance and take them, as there was no time left for them to correct them.

When I ordered the fern cake pan, I'd had in mind to create a brush stroke style fern. As the exterior of my original drawing was styled to fit what I needed, my brush stroke fern came out a little chunkier than I wanted, however I wasn't unhappy with it, and it still looks like a fern. I've yet to try my kiwi, he may need a little work in the feet department, as they are far too long, but my basic outline is there.

I coloured the base of my cake with buttercream and coloured with Grey Progel.

 I really like how the Grey Progel tones perfectly with Rolkem Super Silver lustre, as you can see from my photo below, there's no need to paint the buttercream silver too.

I painted my chocolate brushstrokes once I had placed them on the cake by mixing Rolkem Super Silver with Rose Spirit to form a  paint.

Overall there's no mistaking this is meant to be a silver fern, albeit a little on the chunky side.

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