Monday, September 19, 2016

New Mirror glaze cake class at Kiwicakes

Saturday October 15th 2016 at 12 noon Laurel Watson will be travelling to us from Auckland and teaching the mirror glaze technique at Kiwicakes. You will go home with a finished 6 inch cake and we'll have a wide variety of sprinkles and adornments for you to complete your cake. Limited spaces available. Book online here Everything supplied, just bring an apron and a container to take your work home in.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Bendable Flexible icing that behaves just like fabric

I am so excited with the new flexible bendable icing we've just received here at Kiwicakes. It doesn't rip or tear, despite being all srunched up.We can custom print your own design  or you can purchase our paua design. Check out the video, it really shows you everything you need to know - much better than I could type in words.

Monday, July 25, 2016

How to apply edible icing images to cupcake - it's super easy!

It is super quick and easy to apply cupcake edible images available in a vast array of characters & themes from Kiwicakes to your cupcakes. This quick little video shows you how I apply them to a buttercream swirl.

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to use Bakels truffle for chocolate drip cake effect

This video shows you just how easy it is to use Bakels Truffle to create drip cake effects. 

Bakels chocolate truffle can be used instead of ganache, it's also great for dipping strawberries and other fancy treats. Simply microwave in the bottle or rest the bottle in a pot of water to soften. Also makes a great filling for between layers, or as a complete cake covering, even under fondant.

To create the white "naked" cake look, I simply used a spatula to apply warmed white chocolate truffle to my stacked cake. I then spun it on a turntable using my scraper to flatten & remove some, leaving the "naked" look.

The video shows warmed chocolate truffle poured straight from the bottle (on to a chilled cake), the truffle sets very quickly.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Kiwicakes cake mix makes 48 cupcakes - here's how I did it

Testing the Kiwicakes cake mix I found 1 cake mix made 48 standard cupcakes. This is pretty good value from a 12.95 975g mix. I used the "Classic Cake Mix" in my trial. They also make a 4 inch high 8 inch diameter cake, and a pretty decent aprx 3 inch high 9/10 inch diameter cake.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mini Passionfruit Cheesecakes

Recently the lovely Jenny who works at Kiwicakes made mini passionfruit cheesecakes, which were a huge hit at her party. I'll admit I think these are so much prettier than 1 large cheesecake. And her super easy way of making them has inspired me to make them this weekend.

Using any plain biscuit crush a 250g pack in the food processor with 150g melted butter. This wonderful cheesecake pan has loose bottoms making it super easy to get the finished chilled cheesecakes out.

Press your crushed biscuit down in to the pan

For the topping use one box of lemon jelly and one jar of passionfruit pulp. Adjust the water amount for the jelly, to allow for the passionfruit pulp. (e.g remove 300ml of water to allow for 300ml of passionfruit pulp)

Voila! the finished cheesecakes so simple, yet they make you look like a dessert chef superstar.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to use LED on your cake boards Seahorse & sand cake example

This video shows how the LED lights  available from Kiwicakes work. The copper wire length that the lights are attached to, was stuck to the cake board using adhesive tape prior to the sand being placed over the top.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cake Decorating Big Day Out in Auckland August 2016

The Waitakere City Cake Decorators Club is holding it's annual Big Day Out on Saturday the 13th of August in Remuera the Bridge Club. You do not need to be a guild member to come along. 
ALL WELCOME.  Live demonstrations, Raffles, Trade Tables, big display of Fantasy themed cakes.

Kiwicakes will be there as always and I’ll have the highly talented Lisa from The Whole Cake and Caboodle with me, to demonstrate some great new products for you. I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kiwicakes in "Kiwi As" sugar art collaboration

Recently I was involved in the "Kiwi-As" sugar art collaboration. I decided on an Andy Warhol inspired Tiki piece. I had the privilege of my piece being chosen for the banner of the facebook page. You can check that page out here and see all of the other great works by NZ decorators.

To create these little tiki faces I used this mould. I coloured gumpaste with progel colouring from Rainbow Dust.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dreams can come true with the Make A Wish Foundation

A delightful surprise to receive a thank you card from the Make A Wish Foundation. It was a privilege to help make Hope's wish for her Mummy and Daddy to get married come true. Thanks to Jess at Rosy Cakes by Jessica Atkins for getting me involved and making all the cupcakes and cake pops. (Circus carnival themed). Many many people helped make this little girls dream come true.

Steampunk 21st birthday cake

This lovely Steampunk themed 21st cake was made by one of our staff members Jenny for her nieces 21st birthday, I think she did an amazing job.

Everything from the silicone moulds, to the feathers, diamante, lustres, candles and edible lace is all from her favourite workplace Kiwicakes

The cake was loved by the birthday girl and her party guests alike.

Monday, July 4, 2016

How I made an edible splatter paint for my macarons & chocolate using Rolkem Super Gold

I love the effect of gold paint splatters on macarons & chocolate, this seems to work really well for drip or drizzle effect cakes.
This video shows the consistency I used when Rolkem Super Gold lustre dust and rose spirit are mixed together.

This cake uses splattered macarons with edible flowers

These chocolates used the splatter effect on the Buzz Bars & one of the Lindt sticks. The other chocolates are brushed dry using a selection of Rainbow Dust lustres.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to pack cupcakes for shipping

This short video shows you how it is possible to pack cupcakes ready for shipping so they arrive at their destination intact. At Kiwicakes we have the Cupcake boxes, lollipop sticks and dowel cutting scissors needed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to stamp directly on to fondant using Stamp a Cake

Whilst I was at the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in Sydney in June I made this video with Anna Maria Roche
all about stamping on to icing with Stamp a Cake. The lovely lady asking questions is Lizzo Marek from Artisan Cake Company.
This video will tell almost everything you could ever want to know about stamping on to icing, cookies & more.
We have the full Stamp a Cake range available at Kiwicakes here

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finding Dory & Nemo cake ideas from our freinds at Roberts

These great Finding Dory and Nemo cake ideas come from our friends at Roberts Confectionery. Follow the links below each photo, to a printable PDF instruction sheet

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kiwicakes is ten years old

Wow who would have thought ten years would pass so quickly. A little over ten years ago before my second child was born, I had a plan for a little business to keep me occupied, as I would not be returning to work after my second baby.

Fast forward ten years, Kiwicakes now employs a staff of 4, we occupy two buildings in Grant st Kamo and are now the NZ distributor of many international brands for amateur and professional cake decorators. So much for the little business I pictured, that might keep me busy for an hour or two each day.

However I didn't do it alone. Extreme thanks must go to my husband, who at times was both mother and father to our kids whilst I travelled attending cake shows nationally and internationally, and for the many hours I spend teaching students here at Kiwicakes. Without him our kids would not have turned out to be the great little people they are.
Also to my mum Betty A.K.A Grandma Kiwicakes, for her business acumen and for always telling me to take the leap, as she had my back. Not to mention the countless hours of unpaid work she's done to help me get to where we are today.
My lovely staff - I thank my lucky stars often, that I have such trustworthy and loyal staff, you guys rock!.
And of course to my amazing Kiwicakers A.K.A my customers - without your support and constant queries about the next best thing, I would not be here today.

I'm pretty proud of what we've achieved in ten years, Looking back, some pretty cool stuff has happened to me and to Kiwicakes. There's been the odd hairy moment, such as the website hacking by a group from Russia and the complete loss of the Kiwicakes catalogue after a website crash - which were quickly set to rights by my incredible website developing duo Donna & Carla (who are responsible for everything you like about the website)

Way back in 2006 I would have never dreamed some of it was even possible. Here's a little recap on some of the "cool stuff"

Kiwicakes is born from my home office 

Kiwicakes website goes live. Ten customers register in the first day!
Kiwicakes releases their first exclusive product design of silicone moulds

More exclusive Kiwiana moulds are added to the range.

Kiwicakes Blog is born - you're already here reading this. And in 7 years, there's been over 1000 posts.
Kiwicakes becomes sponsor for SPCA Cupcake Day
Kiwicakes becomes the official New Zealand distributor for Rainbow Dust Colours Ltd UK

I was nominated for the Next magazine "Woman Of The Year" award for business - attending the awards ceremony was humbling to be included amongst some of NZ's highest achievers.

"Her Magazine" Best use of technology finalist in Bloom business awards.
September 2011 we move to our current location

Kiwicakes becomes Operation Sugar's cake supplies sponsor.
I write my first magazine article for kids cake decorating for Upstart magazine

I make my first Operation Sugar cake
Kiwicakes releases it's own brand of sugar pearls and non pareils which are made right here in NZ
I travel to Sydney to train as a certified Wilton method instructor.

We start making and selling Kiwifudge at Kiwicakes
Campbell Live TV show with cakes from Middle Earth - Sandra makes her first TV appearance
Kiwicakes is a finalist in three categories for the Westpac Northland business awards, winning one category
We launch online loyalty rewards for customers shopping online at Kiwicakes

Kiwicakes is a finalist in two categories for Westpac Northland Business awards
Kiwicakes starts printing & selling custom edible image printing
Kiwicakes launches our inaugural SPCA support month (April)
Goody card is launched in store for customers visiting us st our Grant St store (as opposed to online shopping rewards launched in 2014)
Kiwicakes launches "Kiwicakes cake mixes"

Kiwicakes becomes the first retail store in NZ to offer "Create A Cake" officially licensed edible image service for Disney, Star Wars, NRL & so much more.
Kiwicakes is ten years old
June 2016 - as I write I've just listed our 15 190th product

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pacific Pearl Food & Wine cruise Part 2

During our Food & Wine Cruise with P&O on Pacific Pearl, there were some great cooking shows in the Marquee theatre. Bridget Davis The Internet Chef was highly entertaining. This first show was aimed at no bake desserts.

The first poor lady up on stage faced seized chocolate

So when my daughter Poppy went up on stage, she was determined to not seize her chocolate

And she didn't. Bridget made with her a cranberry and pistachio white chocolate bark.

Poppy was given it on an enormous catering tray to take back to her seat while it set (everything int he kitchen is enormous, as they make things on such a large scale)

The audience was never short on volunteers.

At the end of the show Poppy took the bark up on stage. Sadly for everyone else in the audience it hadn't set yet, so the whole piece had to come back to our room to go int he fridge. Lucky us!

And it was mighty tasty 

Sachie Nomura from Sachie's Kitchen was up next. She had some simple yet wonderful techniques on how to cut cabbage finely, how to butterfly chicken pieces for teriyaki and so much more. I was thrilled to be able to purchase a signed copy of her cookbook on board.

As always audience participation played a huge part

Sachie made one of my absolute favourites - dumplings. I could eat these until I pop!

At the end of her demonstration everyone was invited up to taste. Since returning home from our cruise I have devoured Sachie's book, reading from cover to cover and attempting quite a few recipes.

Sunday morning Bridget was back on stage for "pan frying". First up she showed us how to make a cheese sandwich - now I guess everyone was thinking I don't need to know how to fry a cheese sandwich, but that's where you're wrong. Bridget's cheese sandwich was amazing. She used an Emmental type sweet nutty cheese along with a cheddar. AND she placed cheese inside & outside of the sandwich.

Poppy was sitting in her seat saying "I'd love to try that" - so when bridget called out who wants to try this, and no one did (must have all been a little shy). I called out yes. As Poppy had been up on stage the day before Bridget recognised her and called out "come on up Poppy"

Then it was my turn to salivate. Bridget made a Cubano, made even more famous on the movie "Chef"

So when Bridget called out for a helper, I had to say yes And of course I got one of the chefs hats too - don't I look snazzy.

I layered the sandwich with tasty cheese, ham, pork and pickle.

LOTS of cheese - I love cheese!

Then it was a matter of  frying the lavishly buttered )on the outside) sandwich.

Apparently I was a natural - and this is the result

As we'd just shared Poppy's cheese sandwich with those around us. We also shared this sandwich too. After all breakfast aboard the cruise had left us somewhat full already. Lastly Bridget showed us a salted chocolate sandwich, which was truly decadent. A young boy near us bought a piece over to us int he audience (as we'd shared our sandwiches with him). Just as well it was still a few hours till lunch!

Another fun event was the Pacific cook off. With the Pacific Pearl's executive chef Marc - a very tongue in cheek funny French chef and Bridget Davis the Internet Chef. Hosted by one of P&Os entertainment staff, who kept the jokes coming and attempted to fluster the chefs.

The chefs each had a audience member helper, a mystery bag of ingredients and access to the ingredients on the bench in front of them. Chef Marc decided bananas were useless and tossed them to the stage floor. It was at this point memories of the Muppet's Swedish chef came flooding back and I laughed even harder.

The Pacific cook off was won by Internet Chef Bridget Davis and her cooking partner. It was decided by audience vote, Grandma Kiwicakes had said to me, we're sitting in the front row, Bridget can see us, we'll have to vote for her. However we didn't have to worry, Bridget won us over with her dish. Sorry chef Marc! The prize aside from the glory was a culinary bag of goodies for the audience member helping.

If you love food and you love holidays, I can highly recommend the 3 night short break P&O cruise leaving from and returning to Auckland. For the price of your fare, you receive your room and all meals (unless you opt to eat at Salt Grill - see part 1 of my post). All shows, gym, pool, kids club and many activities are included. Optional extras can include things like wine tasting and cocktail classes, but these are reasonably priced in the $16-25 range

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