Sunday, September 6, 2009

My day with Debbie Brown

Yesterday I attended a workshop with the Oh-so-Talented Debbie Brown (cake decorator extraordinaire.) We had a fantastic day, with Whangarei cake decorators guild members and visitors (including Malinda who had driven all the way from palmerston North). Debbie is an amazing teacher, very down to earth. She told us some great stories, and we were constantly laughing. That's my finished wedding couple above. A shot of Debbies couple she demonstrated is below.
I learnt some great hints & tips along the way, which will surely make my cakes better. And after having made these figures, which dDebbie repeated many times trhoughout the day "are made from ball shapes, tear drop shapes & sausages - anyone can do it, if you're shown how". She also stressed how important it was to realise there is no "right way", take her ideas and give them your own twist. She also divulged - none of the cakes in her books are airbrushed. And many have a leaf "just there", or embellishment "there" to hide a cake crumb or imperfection in the icing (been there done that myself)

Thats Malinda on the left from Palmerston North, Debbie - of course! and me.

Here's a pic of the Pixie Teapot Debbie demonstrated in 1 1/2 hours.

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