Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I saved my favourite impression mat until last!

I just adore what Autumn Carpenter has done with the Paisley impression mat and matching accent moulds. Click here to buy Paisley items

Bright Paisely Tiered Cake

Tools and Ingredients
6", 8" and 10" cakes
3 1/2 lbs. blue fondant
2 lbs. yellow fondant
1 lb. pink fondant
orange food spray
green food spray
royal icing
paisley accessory mould
14" cake drum
paisley texture sheet
yellow food coloring
blue food colouring
orange food colouring
pink food colouring
green food colouring
Cover 6" cake with pink fondant, 8" cake with yellow fondant and 10" cake with blue fondant. Roll out remaining blue fondant to a 14" circle. Place texture sheet on top of fondant and roll over once with rolling pin, applying heavy, even pressure. Spread thin layer of buttercream or piping gel on cake drum. Carefully lift fondant onto drum and trim around edge. Place ribbon around edge of drum if desired. Stack cakes using your preferred method. Place cake on turntable (if available). Spray orange food spray where 6" cake meets 8" cake and slowly rotate the cake. Blend color by spraying lightly above and below. Repeat the same process for green food spray between 8" and 10" tiers. Mix royal icing according to recipe or package instructions. Thin slightly by adding extra water. Use food colouring to create 5 different colours and put each in parchment cone. Knead together small amount of blue and yellow fondant to make green and yellow and pink to make orange. Spray paisley accessory mold lightly with cooking spray and wipe out excess with paper towel. Push small amount of coloured fondant into mould and scrape off any excess. Remove piece from mould by gently prying up edge with straight pin. Attach to cake with small amount of royal icing. Repeat using different colours until entire cake is covered. Pipe small dots and details in assorted colours around edge and on top of each moulded paisley.

Paisley Chocolate Wrap Cake

Tools and Ingredients
8” cake (suggestion: 3 layers of white cake layered with fruit and cream filling)
fresh fruit
white chocolate or white candy coating
paisley texture sheet
Assemble cake as desired except for fruit on top and ice with thin layer of icing. Cut paisley texture sheet large enough to wrap around entire cake, piecing together if necessary. Cut wavy top edge slightly taller than edge of cake. Melt and temper chocolate or just melt candy coating. Place texture sheet on parchment between medium size perfection strips. Pour chocolate over texture sheet and scrape off excess. Move texture sheet to clean surface and when almost set wrap around cake. Place in refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes until completely set and then remove texture sheet. Top the cake with fresh fruit.

21 Years Paisley Cake

Tools and Ingredients
"2" and "1" cake iced with thin layer of buttercream
orange colouring
pink colouring
royal icing
paisley texture sheet
Roll out orange fondant and impress with paisley texture sheet. Cover board. Roll out pink fondant and impress with paisley texture sheet and cover both numbers. Place both cakes on covered cardboard. Thin royal icing and color 2 shades of pink and 2 shades of orange. Fill parchment cone with each colour and cut small hole in tip. Add fine lines and details along several of the paisley impressions.

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