Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Paris adventures at Epices Roellinger

When we initially decided on our trip to Paris, my mind immediately jumped to a blog post my friend Judit had written for Chez Meron about her visit to Epices Roellinger. Epices is the French word for spices and the store is named after it's owner Oliver Roellinger who has been creating spice blends for more than 30 years. You'll find them at 51 bis Rue Sainte-Anne, 75002 Paris.

I was more than a little bit excited to visit here, as I'd experienced some of the spices in Judit's home here in NZ.

I've long lamented the qualities of spices from the supermarket, finding them old & tired and of poor quality. I've often sought my supplies from some of the wonderful ethnic food stores, who seem to go through kilograms of each spice per week, so they're super fresh.

Stepping in to Epices Roellinger was a foodies dream - the smell was heavenly. I started with a little shopping basket, which very quickly had to be upgraded to one a little larger.

And it got a little more full before I left.

I was thrilled to find a French made Peugot nutmeg grinder, that will apparently "last me for life" (I've recently made a pact with my self to only buy things that will last, no more cheap plastic or items that will break or need replaced)

They have the most amazing range of vanilla, and you don't need to guess which one you'd prefer to buy. Their vanilla cave means you simply lift the glass bell dome for each variety and sniff away. Although I do commend you, if after sniffing all these wonderful vanilla's you are capable of purchasing only one.

They have over 60 kinds of pepper

And a delightful array of Saffron

I am came home from Paris, inspired to ensure the spices in my life from now on are of a better quality. And at Kiwicakes I've taken steps to start to stock some of the spices a baker would need. See our range here, from trusted NZ spice gurus Equagold (which I'll be adding to)

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