Monday, December 21, 2015

Bakels white & chocolate truffle perfect for drip/drizzle effect cakes

The white or chocolate truffle available from Kiwicakes is great to use as a ganache layer under fondant. It can be coloured to use as a cake covering. And it drizzles straight from the bottle for drip effect cakes. At 15.95 for a 1kg bottle it's great value compared to the time and expense of making ganache. It's also great for dipping strawberries.

For the covering of your cake. You can go for a fully covered look like photo #1 or using a wide scraper - scrape some back off. To achieve the look in this photo.

When using it as a cake covering I cut the top off the bottle and microwave like this. You can add colouring once melted if required. And left overs can be put in another container or simply glad wrap top of cut container.

I added pinky/red colouring to white truffle for this cake. By squirting melted chocolate truffle on to a cooled cake. You can complete the drip effect in under two minutes. Having it in the bottle is so handy. Use only as much as you need. Then simply put the bottle back in the cupboard till next time. So no waste.

I used more chocolate truffle to stick the raspberries and chocolate balls to the cake.

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