Monday, August 3, 2015

Tinkerbell-inspired Florabunda Cake - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

A simple idea to jazz up the edges of your next edible image cake is to make a border of bright fondant flowers. This cake was inspired by Tinkerbell's surrounds in Fairy Hollow. A pinch of tylose in each colour will give strength for the flowers to hold their shape. Borrow all the cutters and silicone moulds you can from friends so you have a varied selection of flowers and leaves. Using veiners can give a realistic look. It doesn't matter if they are not botanically correct, the aim here is a random mixture of colours and sizes. These can be made in advance, just remember to keep pinky/purpley decorations covered from UV light (so they don't fade). A clean shoe box in the hot water cupboard works well. 

Once your cake is on its board you cover it in buttercream. Grape flavoured oil works nicely in this Tinkerbell icing. Applying it with a spatula gives it character and a rustic look. Alternatively you could use a buttercream smoother for a more precise finish. Peel your edible image and place directly onto the fresh buttercream so it adheres well. As well as selling hundreds of edible images for cakes, Kiwicakes can now print your own custom edible images in various sizes and styles to make a unique cake.

Simply arrange the flowers and leaves evenly around the edge of the edible image, placing the biggest ones in position first. The cut edge of the image should not be visible under the floral border. Cachous used in the centre of smaller flowers creates interest and gives them a lift. I find sugar tweezers easiest for applying these pearly type decorations.

Any additional flowers and leaves (even butterflies) can be enjoyed atop cupcakes. These are presented in straight-sided Tinkerbell cupcake papers that come with picks which add lovely height. A few drops of Apple flavoured oil is a fitting taste in green frosting.

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