Monday, April 13, 2015

Adding Value at Cake Stalls - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Our school has a gala day that that the community looks forward to all year. Families bake to fill cake boxes, which is no mean feat given the busyness of daily life! Often beautiful cakes come in covered in plain chocolate icing. Adding a few edible decorations brightens up a cakes appearance and injects some fun!

As cake decorators we can easily increase cake stall sales by dipping into our cake tool kit and shaping cute edible decorations with silicone moulds. Here are some bright daisy, roses and viola. There's no reason you can't marble colours together to create fantasy flowers.

Assorted colour buttons, bright yellow rubber ducks and native brown kiwi would all appeal to different customers. You can add a hardening agent (like tylose) to the fondant in these decorations but they hold their shape fine just stored single-layer in a breathable box.

This set of four different crucifix can look even more jewellery-like when brushed with some edible metallic ginger glow or mocha shimmer lustre dust. The farm animals mould of sheep, pig and cow easily pops out great cartoon faces.

Other decorations like a floppy bunny, an underwater seahorse or a keen gardeners gumboot will all appeal to somebody and bring joy to customers faces!

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