Monday, February 23, 2015

Passionfruit melting moments or Yo-yo's

Grandma Kiwicakes has been inspired to make passionfruit crunchies (although we always called them melting moments or yo-yo's) after my latest melting moment blog post. She used to make these every summer when I was a child

The recipe comes from this really old recipe book of household hints, Mum made them every summer from the late 1970s, however the book is much older than that.

The dough is super yum (just don't let Grandma Kiwicakes catch you stealing it)

The recipe in the book is only for the biscuits. Grandma Kiwicakes own twist is to make up a butter icing with passionfruit pulp added for the liquid and them squish em together once they've cooled to make a yo-yo.

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