Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gumpaste - Vintage fabric look flowers

I often get asked how I made the white flower shown here on the ruffle cake above (The cake features on our current facebook Kiwicakes page cover.) It's very quick and simple to make.

You can take any three sizes from the FMM 5 petal rose cutters (there's 6 sizes in total to choose from) and a little gumpaste.

Roll your gumpaste out thinly, place on to fondant shaping foam, or foam pad  and using an XL ball tool gently rub around the edges to slightly ruffle.

Transfer to thicker foam and press down in centre to cup.

Transfer to flower forming cups (dust the cups with cornflour so they won't stick). allow a few hours for each layer to dry, before adhering the layers together using edible glue.

The 3 layer flower on my cake had a simple pink fondant button glued in the centre, however you can create any decorative centre you wish. My last photo (above), shows how more than 3 layers of petals can be used, to create a more full looking flower. The flower can be adhered to the side of the cake using royal icing or melted chocolate. It's reasonable heavy, so you need something substantial to glue it on with. Have fun!

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