Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - a great way to cover cake boards

This great board covering tutorial comes to us from Lisa at The Whole Cake & Caboodle. Thanks Lisa!

I infrequently cover my boards with fondant, I try to cut costs where I can and this method is great and can be cleaned to provide you with a tidy finish. It takes next to no time as well as costing a minimal amount to get a something that coordinates with your cake.

Step 1 - materials. I use packets of tissue in a colour that works in with my cake as well as a large roll of cellophane. The cellophane is thicker than what you get in small packets at the stationers and supermarket to wrap items with. It should be thick enough that it wont wrinkle when dampened. You can test if its thick enough by using a quite damp cloth to wipe a sample clean. I use approximately 3-5 sheets of tissue depending upon how pale the colour is. Some pale colours can still be quite see through. You should be able to wrap 2-3 boards from one pack of 10 sheets .

Step 2 - putting aside the sheets you need you will notice they have folds in them. You can actually iron these out but I really don't like ironing so the next best thing is to scrunch and make the whole lot wrinkled. Scrunch all the sheets in one layer together, don't separate them.

Step 3 - Open out the tissue stack and smooth flat. It will now have an all over wrinkle effect

Step 4 - Lay out the cellophane with the tissue on top then place the board down on top. Wrap up and secure using strong tape. Before completely securing make sure to lift the board and check that the tissue hasn’t folded/pleated and is covering the board completely. Also make sure you fold the corners neatly and secure all joins so when you move the board during decorating it doesn’t catch and tear

Step 5 - This is the end result and with a cake on the board. The cake above had layers of red buttercream  inside the cake so the red board was used to highlight this once the cake was cut

Step 6 - For round cakes, trim the tissue and cellophane to a better fit. The cellophane should be slightly bigger than the tissue.

Step 7 - Secure with strong tape at each quarter like shown above. This gives it a nice even tension. Flip it and check that the tissue hasn’t folded and is covering the board

Step 8 - Now tape down in the middle of any untaped parts, so you should have tape at even spots around the board

Step 9 - Now evenly pleat the remainder in and tape securely. Make sure you get all edges so it doesn’t flap/catch

Step 10 - Finish. You can leave as is as you don’t see the bottom or if you wish secure a smaller sized board to cover the edges with either hot glue or double sided tape. Make sure you stick board to board and not to the cellophane for a secure finish. 

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