Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Fish Cupcake toppers

Every Tuesday here on the Kiwicakes blog in conjunction with The Whole Cake & Caboodle we'll be bringing you tutorial Tuesday. Today's tutorial is these gorgeous fish cupcake toppers (see previous tutorial for octopus).

Use the following cutters to make these required shapes (2 hearts) medium dove plunger cutter, 3 prong holly large plunger cutter or single holly leaf, 1 cm heart plunger cutter or similar cutters. 

Cut the three prong holly in this spot to separate the leaves 

Then cut the leaves down the centre, this will give you enough fins for 6 fish

Cut the tail from the dove shape like so

Then gently squeeze into a more fish tail look

Roll a ball of fondant or gumpaste about the size of a large marble. If using plain fondant with no stiffener it can be done but will be very soft. We recommend using tylose to harden your icing.

Squeeze the end drawing it out into a teardrop shape around this shape but not quite as long as the octopus

Use a medium sized ball or dog bone tool to add holes for eyeballs. A paintbrush end or even a clean earbud can make impressions

Use a touch of edible glue to stick the tail under the body

And stick the fin to the top of the body like so

Stick the heart shape fins to the sides like so 

Roll a small ball of fondant for the mouth, stick on and poke a hole in the centre with a toothpick or similar tool

Use a small piece of fondant and roll into a oval shape then halve it. This gets you two eyes the same size. Its easier to half an oval shape than a ball. If the ball is too large start again with a smaller piece. Use a touch of glueto stick the eyeballs in then either dot a pupil with gel. If you use a toothpick you get an even dot instead of trying to paint a circle. Or use a slightly damp paintbrush to pick up small non-pariels and stick with a touch of glue.

Here I have made small holes to help the non-pariels stay in place

Voila...eyeballs can be made on the sides of the head for a different look

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