Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Raining Cats and Dogs - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

This selection of pet themed cupcakes was made for our local Kamo SPCA opportunity shop on SPCA cupcake day recently. We have all the fun tools and equipment here to make a wide selection! Here are some of them...

These spooked kitty cats were shaped with a cutter from the Mini Paws set and black eyes were stuck into indents made with the back of the paintbrush with a little sugar glue. 

Here are the three finished scaredy cats lurking in fields of toadstools.

These butterflies were made with the medium plunger cutter from this this set and they float atop billowy clouds of white easy frost icing in sky blue butterfly cases. Champagne oil was added to the icing for a beautiful flavour.

Here you can see the intricate detail that the plunger cutters gives these butterflies with one simple push. The yellow butterfly has been dusted with a lustre dust for sheen and the entire cupcake is sprinkled with yellow edible glitter

We used alphabet cutters to brand these cupcakes with their blue SPCA. A pinch of tylose was added to the blue fondant to stiffen it. Once cut, the letters were indented with the back of a paintbrush for a dotty effect. The easyfrost icing was coloured and flavoured in one easy hit with the addition of lemon flavacol. These also come in other citrus and tropical fruit, and classics like coffee, peppermint, chocolate, caramel and butterscotch. A 1A tip was used to pipe the soft lemon swirls. 

These neon cats were formed with the help of a silicone mould and they look so peaceful! I always rub a tiny bit of finishing creme into moulds before I push the coloured fondant in. This ensures they pop out perfectly. These sleeping cats have been simply dusted with a lustre filled dusting powder pump brush.

These cartoony green grass cupcakes added vibrant colour to the boxes. We added mint green gel colour to our easyfrost icing as well as a couple of drops of mint chocolate chip oil flavouring. Then it was easily piped on through a grass tip #233.

The decorations on top were simply pressed into a dog themed silicone mould set. For the two-tone paw I rolled 4 tiny rounds of soft pink fondant and flattened them into the guide then put a touch of sugar glue on top of each. The ball of brown fondant was eased over gently to complete the shape. I used a sturdy pink foil cupcake case to match the pink touches on the paw.

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