Friday, March 7, 2014

Mini gerbera cake

This little fruit cake might not be immediately obvious from  the photo, but it's only 4'' in diameter. It was a simple and quick birthday cake for a family member from a household of 2 people. For people in my family they can be a little daunted by the never ending supply of cake. And I sometimes hear "how am I going to eat all of that?"

To start I mixed 50% orange with 50% white satin ice fondant, to create this peach colour, which I covered the cake board with. I embossed the pattern using an impression mat. Within just 1-2 minutes, you can create a pattern that looks like it took you hours. The small cake is covered in white satin ice fondant and the top is adorned with a peach gerbera flower, made from gumpaste, dusted with flame frenzy edible lustre. The cake is finished with a 4mm pearl border from this mould.
This little cake was well received and I can promise you from start to finish the cake only took about 30 minutes to decorate. I really like the look of a single flower fitting the top diameter of the cake. What do you think?

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