Monday, August 19, 2013

Designer Handbag Cakes - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

My babysitter just turned 18 and her mum wanted to surprise her with a designer handbag birthday cake. I love that it's still possible to delight your kids when they are teenagers!

Her cake is pictured here along with my first attempt. I was inspired by Sandra's Table of Eight handbag cake class a couple of months back where I made the mini cream coloured fruit cake purse. I love the detail that the super-realistic silicone zip mold in conjunction with edible gold paint gives both of the cakes. A good trick I learnt from experimenting is to colour up your fondant for the features to be painted with metallic paint to grey (for silver) or peach (for gold). 

Here is the fondant setting (I do carefully count and remove the pins after!) 

I baked a 9" round chocolate cake and levelled the top then cut it in half to create two semi-circles. When stood up together and sandwiched with buttercream they give you this easily impressive handbag shape.

This purse has been finished using a bead mould to decorate the base. I used an impression mat from my floral set to beautify the handles and with a little tylose hardener in there I was able to drape the straps naturally across the top of the bag.

You will see that I used a different floral impression mat from my set to decorate the purple handbag panels. So simple yet effective! I am keen to invest in the fabric texture impression mat set at some stage too because they would have looked great here.

The finished product!

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