Monday, August 12, 2013

Butterfly cake for good friend Lyndsey

My friend Lyndsey and her family came for dinner last night. It was Lyndsey's 35th birthday, so we had to celebrate. However, Lyndsey's cake posed a small problem for me, as I was away the day before, so I needed something that looked stunning (that goes without saying) but could be put together in limited time. My solution was the butterfly cake above.

Last month, we received these beautiful edible wafer butterflies in stock. I'd been wanting to try them out for awhile. I used two packs of the "mixed colours" (I had a few left over).

When I considered the shape of my cake, I firstly tried stacking just two round cake pans together, but then decided on the additional shape on top, which would make it a bit different. The cake pans are an 8'' hexagon, a 5'' round, and a 2 3/4'' hemisphere.

The hexagon cake was chocolate, and the round and small hemisphere were vanilla. I made white chocolate ganache, to which I added two tablespoons of Fresh-As freeze dried raspberry powder (600g of white chocolate/200ml cream/100ml condensed milk).

The cakes are covered in pastel green Satin Ice fondant and the base of the cake is trimmed with a 6mm pearl bead trim. The board I impressed with a design using the graceful vines impression mat.

I mixed up a batch of royal icing mix and the butterflies were easily adhered to the cake with a small spot behind each one. 


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