Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Bunny cupcake tutorial

I had so much fun with these Easter Bunny Cupcakes. They are very quick to make. I used Satin Ice fondant without any additives (such as tylose or gum trag). The mini Easter eggs are from the supermarket, I always grab some every year, as undoubtedly I find a use for them. The grass is piped using tip 233. The cupcake papers are our Toadstool papers.

First form a small ball with white fondant and slight elongate it. The make two oval flats for the feet and add pink ovals on top. I popped small lines on, with a vege knife.

I glued the feet in place with edible glue

Then popped on a pink mimosa for the tail. Once you place your bunny on top of the cupcake, it's a good idea to pipe a little more grass around the bunny, this way it looks like he's diving through it, rather than sitting on top of it.

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