Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cheesecake and lemon curd Easter egg dessert

Some months ago when I joined Pinterest - a cheesecake filled Easter egg was the first thing I pinned, I have seen versions of this so often, since then, I really don't know who to credit with coming up with the idea first. These are so simple to make - so easy to impress your friends. I started with a carton of hollow eggs, I was careful to inspect the chocolate these were made from (I'm not a great fan of some of the cheap chocolate on the market).

This is what I purchased from our local supermarket -  German chocolate eggs. If you were taking these to a dinner party already made, the plastic container would be great for carrying them. I have a small guilty secret, I didn't make the cheesecake filling, I used the Tararua ready made filling from the supermarket (because I actually really like it) - the egg yolk is lemon curd, coloured with a little egg yellow colouring. 
Firstly I took a very sharp vege knife and cut in to the eggs, the cracked design provided some good lines to cut on. I removed the little top lids of the egg and filled the egg with cheesecake mix using a piping bag. I also put the curd in to a piping bag, so there would be a little more curd, than just the small amount you see sitting on top, I plunged the nose of the piping bag down in to the cheesecake mix and squirted whilst pulling upwards (kind of like how you fill the centre of a cupcake using a piping nozzle)

I found this gorgeous little egg carton at the supermarket with Cadbury eggs in it, it even came with the little spoons. What a perfect little gift this would be for the person who has everything at Easter. (Keep refrigerated)

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