Friday, January 27, 2012

From one of our Kiwicakes members

This clown cake op display tutorial was sent in from one of our Kiwicakes members - Helia Whittaker. Thanks for taking the time to document this Helia!

 Putting together Wilton Cake Pops stand.  Also, have my paper ready to decorate.

  Cut trimmings and attached with double sided tape

Using circle cakepops mould, using non-bake dough...yummy    

Clown hats made from pre-coloured fondant     

Sticks inserted into dough, ready for chilling

Starting to dip cakepops...harder than it looks, but finally got the hang of it after thinning my Wilton Candy Melts.    
  Homemade royal icing for trimmings, and coconut mixed with Wilton Orange Candy Melts for the I'm ready to decorate
Clowns chilling in the fridge...but can't get them to stand straight in the stand...they are unevenly weighted  

Falling everywhere put bluetak around the base of sticks to help balance them and use curled ribbon to hide it.

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