Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween fun

Yesterday we held a small Halloween party at our house for our 2 children and 3 of their friends. We had pumpkin decorating, as well as brownie and cupcake decorating. The Mum of the other 3 children is also a keen cake decorator, so we had heaps of fun. It was also a good excuse to get my Cricut Cake out and cut some Halloween shapes.
Start with one decorated party table (I stocked up on some of the cheap Halloween decorations in Spotlights $1 sale after Halloween last year)
I really liked my black cauldron in the centre of the table which housed our undecorated cupcakes.
I made the children some snacks - Fairy bread. Or should that be SCARY BREAD? To get an even coverage of sprinkles over the bread, I cut my bread, but before removing the cookie cutter, I add my sprinkles - this allows you to roll the sprinkles into all the nooks & crannies - and get them right out to the edges.
I found these great little cauldrons at spotlight, which were great for the cupcake decorating supplies.

Also great for the cocktail straws
We had plenty of spooky icing. I'm in love with this decorating bag holder, which I brought home from work, just for this purpose.
For some of their cupcake decorating, I cut out some designs for them, using the cricut. I did some pumpkins (the first one at 2'' was too big, so I scaled down to 1.5''), the cats are 1.5'' & 2''.
I gave them a lustre powder brush filled with Metallic flame frenzy lustre, so they could give them an orange metallic glow.
I also cut out some "Boo" - I did one for each child, before they arrived
I covered them in hologram white glitter, using corn syrup as glue, I let them dry for a couple of hours before the kids arrived. These are 1 1/4''.
My first one was far too big, but I didn't want to waste it, so I popped it on to a slice of brownie. I really like the way the lettering hangs over the brownie (it's a piece of white frosting sheet)
The children making the cupcakes were ages 3, 4, 5 & 7. They had a blast.
Pumpkin decorating was fun (no orange pumpkins could be found anywhere in town, so we had grey ones.
Brownie decorating was also fun, we had a variety of skeleton formations, in their brownies graves.

I thought the children did a great job with their cupcakes, it was a tired & happy bunch of kiddies at the end of their day.
Little Mr 4's work
Miss 7's work
Miss 3's work

What did you get up to for Halloween?


  1. Great idea - let them make their own treats! I bet they had lots more fun than they would have knocking on doors, too (and I bet you did as well ;-) ). They all did a great job with their cupcakes!

  2. You all like you had fun, the kids cupcakes are great... a much better way to enjoy halloween no tricks but plenty of treats made by them.. fantastic. Well we didnt do anything never do really but my miss 14 did do a dummy cake for the shop window display and my miss 16 dressed the window.. so that was our halloween fun.


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